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microsoft sculpt ergonomic mouse l6v 00001 로고

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse L6V 00001

The mouse is big. I bought into the word "ergonomic". After unpacking, I was horrified - its huge! If you put any Microsoft laptop mouse next to it, this one will be exactly 40% higher and more. But, due to the fact that the hand does not lie vertically on the mouse (as on laptop ones), but somehow more naturally, perhaps, there was no discomfort during use at all. It was addictive, but not more than 4-5 days. The weight of the mouse is given by two batteries, without them it is light. The mouse wakes up instantly, only occasionally on my plexiglass surface of the table there is a delay of half a millisecond after half an hour of inactivity. Regarding surfaces. There are skips when using on a polished, transparent glass and, if you drive the mouse on yourself - on the leg, for example. For the sake of interest, they tested it with the whole department and found only these two surfaces. Since the mouse with its stick, by the way, is very conveniently removed inside under the bottom cover, it is on a magnet, there have never been problems with the connection and mouse dumps from the stick. Everything instantly and from the first time. Range of action. Logs appear in a straight line after six meters of removal. Summary: The words "office" and "ergonomic" are 100% justified.전체 리뷰보기

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