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Workforce Analytics

This product is very helpful to track employees and manage their performance. It is very helpful when it comes to tracking employee's performance and giving them feedback. It also helps to keep track of the employee's attendance and their productivity. It is very easy to use and it is very user friendly. I have no issues with this product. It is a very helpful tool to keep track of employees and their performance. It is very helpful especially when it comes to tracking employee's performance and giving them feedback. It also helps to keep track of employee's attendance and their productivity. 전체 리뷰보기

giant screening 로고

Giant Screening

The ease of use for scheduling events using their software was great! I did not have any issues with them at all during my engagement as an event manager/coordinator in our organization (and we had several). There were no downsides or complaints from me about anything they provided us either - which speaks volumes when you're working directly wtih someone who has been around this industry longer than many people will see before retirement age :) We used GSA primarily because it made sense given how much work needed done through one platform versus having multiple tools throughout different companies within HRIS systems like ours; however there are other options out here if those aren't what works best fit into budget constraints etc., but overall everything worked well together- so nothing really came up negatively while utilizing these services!! 전체 리뷰보기

ultimate forms 로고

Ultimate Forms

I like that it's easy to use, very simple for new users as well as advanced power user. It has everything you need from form design all through submission of data back into sharepoint lists or databases. The only thing i dislike is how slow some things can be at times especially when creating custom fields which do not have any defaults set up yet. Make sure your account manager knows about this because sometimes they don't realize its going so slowly until after you've spent hours working with them trying to find out what could possibly cause such lag. There are many different types of forms we utilize but one of our favorites is just a basic contact information type where people fill their info down once then click submit. This way if they forget something later they simply go edit it rather than having to start over again every time!전체 리뷰보기

astra campground manager 로고

Astra Campground Manager

I like that you can see all your data in one place, it is easy to navigate through. It could be easier for guests to find their way around if there was more information about where everything is located throughout the park. There are some features within this software that need improvement such as how long does an event stay listed after being added? Also, what happens when someone forgets something at camp or leaves early from activities? This would help keep track of people who forget things so we don't have to spend time looking up names or numbers.전체 리뷰보기

tzero 로고


the transparency in all our transactions including our crypto purchases and other crypto trading activities, and of course the ease by which we can trade in almost any currencies that we need to do so (e.g. GBP Pound). The only down side I have with Tzero right now (which is minor) is when it comes to buying ETH or XRP directly from their platform as you are often given too many choices at once and this does take time plus a lot of choice just confuses your mind into making wrong decisions. For us traders at tZero who use it actively it's been great but for those who aren't active users sometimes they end up missing out opportunities because there isn;t enough liquidity to match what is available off exchanges like Kraken/Poloniex (we try never miss an opportunity where it comes!) If you're thinking about getting it yourself then maybe get one user I was able to find an investor with whom we could have conversations about our business model/idea without having them sign any NDA's or anything like that! While it can be hard finding investors who are willing-to -pay cash (which this one did), they were very open minded when looking at how their money would get deployed in my startup idea so there wasn't much friction between us during these discussions either way!! 전체 리뷰보기

moovit maas solutions 로고

Moovit MaaS Solutions

The best part of moovit is that it gives you real time traffic information for your city/town, so no more waiting in queues to find out if there will be any delay or not! It has made our life easier by providing us with accurate info about road conditions at all times which we can use while planning trips. There are many other features like navigation etc but i think those two mentioned above make up the entire package!! I would highly recommend this app since my office colleagues have benefited from its services too! Nothing much really except getting updates regarding traffic jams within few seconds after logging into the application itself.It's always good when one gets some useful data right away instead of wasting precious hours waiting around till they get an update!전체 리뷰보기

technews 로고


I like that it is easy to use, has many features including video embedding which makes my job easier as well! It's also very cheap compared with other platforms out there (like Instagram). They have some great integrations such as Facebook Live so you can easily share your content across all of their networks. There are no downsides at this point in time but if they add more user friendly options then I'm sure people will start using them even more than now because everyone loves free things right? :) My team uses it every day - we post about our work life from different angles; posts related to business development/marketing, product updates etc.전체 리뷰보기

canard influencers 로고

Canard Influencers

The support team at canadianinfluencermarketing are friendly, knowledgeable staff who listen carefully & respond promptly with solutions for any issues or questions you may have! It's very easy using this software as it has all of your accounts linked up so that no manual effort in required when posting content - which I love because time saved means more posts = higher engagement rate!! If there were some features added such as video editing/editing photos (which could be done online) then even easier but other than those small changes nothing needs changing overall happy client. Great product helps create engaging campaigns via multiple platforms simultaneously saves me from making mistakes too much work involved otherwise would do manually.전체 리뷰보기

lead id 로고

Lead iD

I like that it's easy for me as an individual user, but also gives you all of your team members access so everyone can contribute ideas in one place! Sometimes there are issues with tracking leads within lead ID which is frustrating when trying get them resolved quickly or at least have some feedback about why they're not being tracked properly (or sometimes we don't even know!). It would be great if their customer service could help more efficiently resolve these problems because support tickets usually take weeks before someone responds - this has been my experience over multiple years using various products/companies now including Salesforce etc., however nothing beats having real people who understand what our business needs look after us day-to-day vs just ticketing systems where everything takes months until anyone ever gets back around 2pm UK time every single week!! We use Leadin id primarily through sales force connect integration allowing CRM users such contact information into leaindid seamlessly without any additional software installation. 전체 리뷰보기

kredible 로고


I like that you can post videos too! It's not just text posts, which is great since we have so many non English speakers in our office (and around me!). The interface has some issues when posting or editing your status updates as well - sometimes they get pushed down below where people are reading them instead of at top right corner next line under their profile picture/avatar iframe link? And there might be an issue with new users' first update being posted without any notification about this feature available yet?! We're using kreditable mostly because my manager likes sharing content from other sites through his business page more than writing up something by himself anymore; he also helps us decide what things should go live via social media but doesn't really do much work related stuff here now days :).전체 리뷰보기

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