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I love how easy it was to use, with great customer service from start-to finish! They helped us put together events for our employees (which we had no idea about) but did so in such short notice!! We were able to get people involved quickly without having any previous organization of event ideas / planning etc.. It's also very inexpensive compared other options available out there -- which you could tell by their lacklustre response time when contacting them - they are definitely worth using if your looking into just connecting. Nothing at this point except more business development opportunities have come up since joining Just Social last year! Definitely would recommend for those who want to build community connections amongst current & potential clients/employees as well as expand upon internal communication between departments within an org. A little tough figuring things like scheduling meetings through online platform can be difficult sometimes once its set up however after. 전체 리뷰보기

crosley cruiser bluetooth suitcase turntable home audio and stereo system components 로고

Crosley Cruiser Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable Home Audio and Stereo System Components

I almost let my overbearing hipster colleague talk me out of this purchase because he thought I had to spend at least $300 or my music would sound like she would come from inside the elephant and all my records would be destroyed after one game. He was so wrong. This little champ sounds great considering its size, way better than any phone speaker or cheap phone dock. The volume is really impressive, but power above 80% will cause the recording to skip due to vibration. The auto-off feature is great for stopping the player after you've finished recording, but the auto-off feature doesn't work that well in "open" mode. Position when attempting to download a record; it often slips and the platter starts spinning. Many internal parts are made of fragile plastic and should be handled with care. But the outer shell feels really solid, and the orange faux leather trim is bright and durable. It also gets stickers of your favorite bands/bars very well, none of them have peeled off. All in all a great gift for my wife and now I can go on being lazy and buy more records every birthday without getting an original every year.전체 리뷰보기

kasan submersible explosion proof adjustable temperature 로고

KASAN Submersible Explosion Proof Adjustable Temperature

Bought in early November. Worked really amazing for a few months then it started looking a bit weird but still worked like a charm. This morning I found my Betta curled up under him and my other fish were lethargic. Sometime between last night and this morning it fried, and the temperature dropped from a stable 80 degrees to a comfortable 60 degrees. Ironically (and luckily) I bought another 100w heater from a different brand for a different tank in the last few days so I could replace it as soon as possible. I don't know what the hell happened. Shit I have to throw it away, it missed the return window by two weeks :( The temperature control was direct, easy to read. It seemed very durable. I only wish it had lasted longer than three and a half months.전체 리뷰보기

miraclecorp products 3285 miraclecoat flea 로고

MiracleCorp Products 3285 MiracleCoat Flea

Gus Fluffy gets a brushed nightly. I live in a studio so there's no way for me to avoid cat hair, so I try to be as active as possible by removing as much hair and dander as possible. This comb is perfect for that. It moves gently over his fur, doesn't snag or tug, and keeps him purring happily for at least 15 minutes. The only downside that another reviewer mentioned is the black color. The fleas merge with the black pencil and there were a couple of times I brushed out a flea but didn't notice because it mixed in with it and ran back into Gus' fur. Damn. If they made a white handle version I would buy that too.전체 리뷰보기

smartcat peek play toy box 로고

SmartCat Peek Play Toy Box

You give him this box and a Hexbug mouse and get ready to have some fun :) My almost 4 year old Maine Coon gets bored easily with cat toys. I rotate him as often as I can, but his favorite is a long tie, which he likes to play ball in. When I can't be around to play apps, he needs to be entertained in the few hours he's awake, or he's bullying his older sisters, who clearly aren't amused by his precocious development. This is his toy! It's strong enough for his 25kg self to step on and push against. As expected, it got boring with the balls that came with it, so I tried small, cockroach-like hexagonal bugs. They manned it until their battery (quickly) ran out. And then came the Hexbug mouse. I'll write a separate review on that, but holy cow, if you have a smart, easily bored cat I highly recommend this Hexbug box and mouse.전체 리뷰보기

marshall pet products deodorizing supplement 로고

Marshall Pet Products Deodorizing Supplement

Didn't work on our male mouse - In fact, it seems to have gotten worse. We have a male mouse. Didn't know they were prone to that smelly smell when we got it but it's very cute and fun. The smell wasn't terrible, but it was bad enough that we wanted to do something about it. I bought it with high hopes, but after a week and a half of use, the smell got noticeably worse. I remove the stain every night, remove the dirty bedding and do a full cage clean every weekend, so I don't think it's the condition of the cage. I have two suggestions why: 1) he drank less water because of the taste and therefore the urine was more concentrated. I tasted the water myself after adding the solution and there was a slight difference in taste, but it didn't necessarily taste bad. Maybe mice have different tastes. 2) From my research, mice tag less when they have objects they are constantly sniffing. Maybe it actually worked and he stopped smelling, so he upped his grade. It is a pity.전체 리뷰보기

wacom ctl6100wlk0 intuos creative bluetooth 로고

Wacom CTL6100WLK0 Intuos Creative Bluetooth

Item arrived as advertised, pretty good considering it was refurbished. I smeared it the first day. The software seemed a little tricky to master and as it offers 3 options I selected them all. It appears to be a trial period. I've only really used Corel Painter Essentials, although I've tried other manga and photo-somethings. I have a photo of something else where manga still couldn't be understood even though I like manga! Painter is a very reliable program that my old computer had trouble with. Nevertheless, I manage to keep rethinking myself and trying new things. Again, a small learning curve, but very interesting. If you can get the full version. Oh the tablet works great, you also need to experiment to get the stylus right, but overall it's worth the money. Wacom has/has a lot of great reviews as the standard at this point, and what I'm currently seeing from them is just as impressive as the competition. This seemingly simple tablet is just what I needed to immerse myself in digital ink. While I must say that I still prefer pencil pens to paper, this opens up new avenues for research in artistic endeavors. Pro, you recently included a brilliant software exercise, but found the auto-drawing features a bit "cheeky" (probably misspelled, should there be a "Z"?), but I took my own pen to the tablet and had to 6 and had him repeat what I did to see what would come out (experimental, right?) and was and is encouraged to try electronic expression. I hope it helps.전체 리뷰보기

flukers lagoon bowl hermit crabs 로고

Flukers Lagoon Bowl Hermit Crabs

Doesn't hold water.

This bowl looked fantastic, it's thick and feels heavy and solid. No, that is not so! I accidentally started licking and soaked my hermit crab substrate which could be a death sentence. He was in the aquarium for about 2 weeks when I noticed that he was getting faster and faster in the water. I was shocked and terrified when I realized what had happened. My only crab had a molt and I've been checking for bacterial blooms and now I just have to wait and see. Don't buy for water. If you want to use it for food, this will work.전체 리뷰보기

lixit bottles rabbits hamsters chinchillas 로고

Lixit Bottles Rabbits Hamsters Chinchillas

If you are buying this for a rabbit, PLEASE watch it carefully first to make sure it can get water from it! My rabbit is very fond of drinking and I love the idea of a top filled water bottle. I traded in my smaller bottle for this one and made it through my overly hectic weekend. Almost 24 hours passed and when I put the rabbit back in the cage for the night I noticed that this water bottle was still FULL. I tried to show him that it worked just like his old one and he tried to drink for a minute. It seemed to work but the water level stayed the same. I rushed to return the old bottle and as soon as I put it on his cage, he greedily pounced on it and drank almost half the bottle at once. I'm so thankful I decided to check it out tonight. I can't even imagine how guilty and devastated I would have been if he had spent so much more time without water. I trust the Lixit brand but this design holds the ball tighter than others and it just doesn't feel good. - suitable for a rabbit!전체 리뷰보기

fftopu compatible display digitizer assembly 로고

FFtopu Compatible Display Digitizer Assembly

As already mentioned in other reviews, the color saturation of the screen is very yellowish. Considering the price, I'm impressed that the screen turned on at all. But overall I wasn't satisfied. I have two children under the age of 2 and after using this phone for 2 years I have never had a problem. Then I drop the phone at the right angle in the driveway and smash the entire screen. I was hoping to keep this phone until the next-gen is released, so I looked for a replacement screen that was homemade and economical compared to the $140 Apple would charge me. When recording videos, tools are used that have not been provided. in the kit and the suction cup method of removing the old screen DID NOT WORK for me at all. After playing with it for 30 minutes, I turned to other places on the internet for a way to remove it with things from my house. Listening with a hair dryer and then using an Xacto knife to remove the screen has worked well for me.전체 리뷰보기

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