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oncpcare hamster playing sleeping hedgehog small animals 로고

Oncpcare Hamster Playing Sleeping Hedgehog Small Animals

The fibers on it are not safe for rodents with claws. I got out of the shower to find my squirrel rampaging in his cage. She got her foot stuck and then in a panic wrapped herself around this and other things in her cage, catching her head and was able to choke herself. I went in and cut this thing out and the whole tangle just unraveled and I immediately threw it away.전체 리뷰보기

petsafe stubborn fence without wire 로고

PetSafe Stubborn Fence Without Wire

Good product

Good product. One of our property lines has a slope and my dogs can get almost to the top of the fence before it alarms/shocks them. I set this up over the course of a few weeks and gradually shortened the row of flags, crossing fewer instances of them. I'm in a village and surrounded by family neighbors so it doesn't matter. Unfortunately the border on the other side of this fenced area is much wider and I have to pull them back when they cross the border or they won't come back into my yard. Therefore, I can only give my puppies when I am at home. If it wasn't for my high net worth I wouldn't have had this problem, but that's just my thought. I think the border should be further away to fix this problem.전체 리뷰보기

megagear neoprene camera compatible black 로고

MegaGear Neoprene Camera Compatible Black

PROS: Camera + Pancake Wide Angle) has always been attached to the waist; b) The Velcro is very secure, so you don't have to worry about the camera accidentally falling from waist height to the ground. CONS: a) Fits well, the camera is fairly easy to remove from the case but putting it back in for storage is a labor intensive task that requires BOTH without gloves. Weapons; b) If you don't want to risk shooting with a camera without a strap, attaching a small strap to one of the eyelets becomes almost mandatory, as each length of shoulder strap has to be folded for storage, making the contents undesirably bulky in the case; c) All surfaces of the case, both inside and outside, are a magnet for pet hair, which clearly stands out against the background of dark fabrics and is difficult to pluck. In the end I gave up putting my a6000 in this case. Now I only wear various small photo accessories around my waist.전체 리뷰보기

5strands household ingredient intolerance preservatives 로고

5Strands Household Ingredient Intolerance Preservatives

We have a rescue and she developed a rash on both elbows which spread to her armpits a few months later. The vet wasn't sure if she touched anything toxic or not, but they prescribed steroid cream to help. The rash didn't go away so our next step was to speak to Veg and they recommended testing the food sensitivity with an elimination diet. After doing a little research, I realized that it can take years to figure out which food is bad. I found 5 threads on a quick search of Revain and decided it was sooooo worth the money (thinking twice about changing dog food - EEK). We did the test and were amazed at the number of products tested. Well, our girl is sensitive to chicken, canola oil, chickpeas, squash, brown rice, and a million other things. In fact, I couldn't find a food that eliminates everything because it contains so many of them. I would advise this company to run a computer program that can input dog allergy data and then compare it to dog food and then VOILA - here with the dog food that works best for your dogs! That would save me hours and money. I would happily pay an extra $20 for it if it was an option!전체 리뷰보기

lamicall tablet pillow holder tablet accessories 로고

Lamicall Tablet Pillow Holder Tablet Accessories

This is such a good product and I love it! I use it for my tablet and it can be used almost straight up or slightly more tilted to reduce neck strain; This frees up my left hand which has had the very tedious duty of holding my iPad or searching for something to lean against while I work, cook or just surf the web! It's soft, durable and lightweight. I LOVE IT!전체 리뷰보기

dogtra company iq add rx 로고

Dogtra Company IQ ADD RX

This e-collar was recommended by a trainer I work with as an alternative to the flat martingale. The flat martingale was always in the wrong position when needed (small dog so easily inaccessible) causing it to cough/pant and not be set to poof. This trainer only uses DogTra e-Collars on his animals, rescuers, boards and trains. All the difference in the world. In just a few weeks I was even able to stop walking him on a leash. There are still some changes to work on: storming out the door when there's no family outside, freaking out when new people go out, "chatting" when she's unattended in the backyard with labs she can't see, or in the house behind us visitors. In addition, we will work off-leash during neighborhood walks and parks. It's ALL on Vibro. Used static electricity only once when going to the mailbox; She ran down the street to greet the neighborhood kids getting off the bus and the traffic jams. Used the shock to get her attention, waited and then pulled away, ready to use vibration for a gentle reminder if needed, it wasn't necessary. From the past she has to work on her leash manners when she's on a hike and dad is a bit ahead of us to match that perspective, plus I'm slow and she's impatient. Great that it has 100 settings. I wish there was only vibration. Yes I used Static but I would prefer not to have it. I wish it had an adjustable electronic collar with a bungee collar instead of a buckle collar. Not much to get the unregulated version as a supplement via Revain. At the very least, it should be recommended as an optional purchase. It's much easier to safely put the right tension on your neck.전체 리뷰보기

loobani seat travel portable detachable seatbelts 로고

LOOBANI Seat Travel Portable Detachable Seatbelts

Great idea

I think this product is a great idea, Furbaby is always trying to reach the window to look out the window or even stick his head out. This can sometimes be difficult with small dogs or, in our case, cats. Not only are they reinforced for better visibility, there are straps to keep everything in place and it's also super soft for a dreamy cloud. The only negative is that there are no instructions in the kit on which insert to put where, I've tried youtube and google, nothing helped, I found out, but the inserts were very tight to put everything together. Literally faster assembled tables, cabinets and bed frames, it was a struggle, but one day it turned out to be very chic and convenient!전체 리뷰보기

100 percent catnip filled carrot cat 로고

100 Percent Catnip Filled Carrot Cat

It broke in the first minute when my cat played with it. Catnip in a pile on the floor. I sniffed it, and catnip in an old sock. The fur baby was just as happy. I will say that the first one I got still loves her.전체 리뷰보기

dbpower 9 5 inch portable rechargeable battery 로고

DBPOWER 9 5 Inch Portable Rechargeable Battery

A long time ago I had a DVD player that I used to watch with my sister in the car. Before that we wanted to land and wondered when we would arrive at our destination. Well, after some time the DVD player broke down as it was blurry and skipping. When we left the state we got food again, so my dad bought a new DVD player in a hurry. That went on for about 12 years. But then that started to work as he kept opening up during card rides. For a while I thought it was the beating. However, it happened more frequently until it was about every 20 minutes. After a while I realized it was the DVD player since it was old. Well I didn't want this to continue and needed a DVD player for long map drives. So I looked at various things including how it compares to the latest DVD player, screen and battery. Knowing how good this site is I came here to see what DVD player would fit knowing I would find something. I looked at the reviews first, then the screen since it's 9.5 inches. Then came the battery and another thing that made me buy it is the fact that the battery lasts 5 hours, which is 2 hours longer than the previous DVD player. I used it for long rides Saturday and Monday, 3.5 hours one way and it worked really well on just one battery. I have had very good luck with this and overall am very happy with this product.전체 리뷰보기

ibiyaya sturdy stroller everyday suspensions 로고

Ibiyaya Sturdy Stroller Everyday Suspensions

Can't comment on the durability of the stroller but so far it's fantastic! Tip: Another review said the front wheel would not spin. It actually can, but the assembly instructions don't make it obvious. There is a slide lock that can be locked by rotating the slide towards the back of the stroller where it is not clearly visible. the stroller I got, but it easily secures with a thick rubber band or hair tie (and it could just be mine that was misaligned). The small size of this dog bed is perfect when you need an extra pillow. (It also allows my small dog to see "windows" while lying down; otherwise he would have to sit up to look outside.) /ref= ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie =UTF8&psc=1 If you plan to use the stroller at night, the elastic straps on these rechargeable lights allow you to firmly attach the lights to many places on the stroller. (I have two red lights in the back for "taillights" and two white lights in front to illuminate dark paths.) =UTF8&psc=1And if you plan to use your stroller on the slopes (especially when jogging), this stroller harness is great. (Without this I was too afraid to run up hills for fear of what would happen if I lost traction.) = 1전체 리뷰보기

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