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self leveling laser level vertical selectable measuring & layout tools 로고

Self Leveling Laser Level Vertical Selectable Measuring & Layout Tools

Good day everyone! On the well-known Chinese site, for construction and finishing work in an apartment, an interesting, in my opinion, device was bought - a Huepar laser level. Despite the somewhat ridiculous name for Russian speakers, reminiscent of a curse, Huepar is a rather large Chinese brand specializing in the production of construction tools, selling its products to a large number of countries, including the USA, Canada and Australia. The device was delivered in a small cardboard branded box, wrapped on the outside with bubble wrap. Inside is a black fabric dense and high-quality zipper case with the logo of the company itself. Inside the cover, on top in a transparent bag, there is a target for calibrating the level. A plastic target on a leg with large numbers and divisions. The leg is quite stable Further in the case, the laser level itself in a white packaging film, a set of finger-type salt batteries (it is desirable, of course, to replace with more capacious lithium ones in the future) and a magnetic mount on metal surfaces. Now in order, let's start with the device itself. The body of the level is made of high-quality and pleasant to the touch soft-touch plastic with a rubber coating, the name and model are applied on top. The device itself is stable, quite compact and small, but at the same time heavy, there is no feeling that you are holding a plastic Chinese toy. The manufacturer claims that this laser level is dust and water resistant. On top is a large round button on / off the device. The side surface is ribbed, it is very comfortable to hold in your hands. At the bottom there is a thread for mounting on a tripod and a compartment for 4 AA batteries, with a non-removable cover. The lid lock is very tight and tight, there is a feeling that it will not endure many openings and closings, because the lock practically has to be broken. The laser level has a pendulum-type compensator responsible for automatic leveling. Before pressing the power button located on top, you can move the special switch at the bottom of the device to the "open” position - this will unlock the free play of the pendulum. At this point, special attention must be paid, when transporting the level, the pendulum must always be fixed, otherwise the pendulum may fail. Therefore, before sending, it is better to ask the seller to block this pendulum in order to avoid damage. To turn off the device, you need to hold down and hold the on / off button for a couple of seconds. You can also turn on the device in non-auto leveling mode. The lens of the level is standard with two vectors (horizontal and vertical), it is convenient in terms of obtaining an angle of 90 degrees. The kit includes a durable plastic magnetic mount with a swivel mechanism (180 degrees). The kit also includes salt batteries, which makes it possible to check the performance of the device immediately. Compact instructions included The instructions are presented in five languages, while Russian is missing. Despite this, the control of the device is simple and clear. Specification. To turn on the laser level, you need to unlock the pendulum and press the button at the top of the device. After a short press on the power button, the beam lights up. Green laser beams are bright, not wide and more pleasing to the eye than red ones. Although, of course, the taste and color. The beam thickness is about 2.5 mm at a distance of about a meter, but the farther the distance, the narrower the line becomes. There are three modes, switched by a short single press of the power button. Only horizontal level. Only vertical level. Two levels for 90 degree angles. The Huepar level is an excellent and high-quality device for its price! Analogues of more famous brands are much more expensive with similar functionality. In fact, a laser level is a tool designed to facilitate the work of leveling various surfaces, and it does an excellent job with this task. Also an important point is the protection of the level from shocks and other external influences inevitable during the repair. There are no marks on the level of security on the level itself, but the high-quality plastic of the case with a rubberized coating, as well as the build quality of the device, are beyond doubt and allow you to get enough of its long work. 전체 리뷰보기

swaddle blanket upsimples neutral receiving 로고

Swaddle Blanket Upsimples Neutral Receiving

The diaper is wonderful, stretches, there was no fear of swaddling very tight. BUT: I didn’t like how the handles swaddle - you need to stretch one sheet behind your back, holding each handle (it’s very inconvenient to lift the baby at the same time). I didn’t like that the tail of the diaper has to be tucked in on the back, a tubercle forms there, it’s uncomfortable for the baby to lie. You can leave it without a tubercle, just wrap the tail under the baby, but when you take it out several times, put it in the crib, the peleka already weakens a little and unwinds. And most importantly, somehow we always had a leg pop out of the leg pocket. Only one, on the left. There is a small gap, when the baby twists its legs, then the knee is shown (and then it freezes), then in general it found a child with one leg outside the diaper :). For the rest, it suits how the hands are swaddled.전체 리뷰보기

saving hanger rubber adjustable trouser 로고

Saving Hanger Rubber Adjustable Trouser

I am very glad that now in our time you can find many different devices that help to significantly save space in our closet. For example, I have a lot of things stored in trunks, because in this way they really take up little space and at the same time the things themselves do not gather dust. But today in my article we will not talk about them, but today I want to tell you about my favorite hanger, which I bought myself a few months ago and which I am simply delighted with. The manufacturer of this hanger is the Valiant trademark, and it is designed so that several pants or trousers can be hung on it at once. I have been looking for just such a hanger for a long time. It looks like this. As you can see, you can hang four pants on it at once. And I also manage to put the fifth ones there, namely on the lowest shelf. What I liked about her is that her sticks themselves are made of metal, and also covered with rubber on top. And just due to this, things do not fall from it and do not slide on it. Therefore, all my pants always hang on it evenly and confidently. Also, each crossbar on this hanger can open and move to the side. Thanks to this, it is easy to take off the pants from it and you do not need to pull them all over the hanger to take them off. And the crossbars themselves are inserted into special hooks. The hanger is made very well and of high quality. I have it, though not so long ago, but I have already managed to appreciate it. And when selling, a small label was attached to it, on which you can read the name of its manufacturer, as well as see how to use it correctly. Moreover, its size is such that you can hang trousers of absolutely any size and width on the crossbars themselves. So now I plan to buy another such hanger, but only for my husband's clothes. And the idea is really great too. 전체 리뷰보기

jmexsuss decorative linkable christmas birthday 로고

JMEXSUSS Decorative Linkable Christmas Birthday

Hi all! Now the New Year holidays are just around the corner. The children are looking forward to New Year's gifts, the soul asks for a holiday. My youngest daughter asked me to buy an electric garland, but not a simple one, but in the form of a curtain. Well, why not please the child, especially since I came across an interesting garland for 500 rubles at the O'Key on sale. The garland box looks like this: The main specifications are listed on the side of the box. Basically nothing special. Made in China, it measures 2 meters wide, 1.5 meters high: The kit consists of a garland and a quick start guide. As the manufacturer assures, the service life of such a garland is at least five years. Open the box and see the following contents: This tangle is very easy to unravel, this lesson took no more than 15 minutes. Fork standard: In addition, there is such a block with a button on the garland, with the help of which our garland can burn in eight different modes: These modes are as follows: combined; wavy; consistent; flowing; running flash; fading; flickering; constant. Before buying, I advise you to check the garland for performance - you never know what: Everything is in order, put the garland on the floor and unravel the ball: There are four colors of LEDs in the garland - yellow, red, blue and green. A total of 300 LEDs. It was not difficult for me to hang a garland on the window, since I only hung tulle, and the second row of hooks was empty - so it came in handy for us: In total, twenty multi-colored ribbons with LEDs were obtained - four ribbons of each color and 15 LEDs in each. All lighting modes are good in their own way. We decided to hang a garland with tulle: Beautiful, my daughter just loves it. Especially chic all these light bulbs shimmer in the dark: If you do not have hooks for this garland, you can buy them separately - this is not a problem. I saw it myself, they sell special kits for attaching garlands to the window. This garland fit perfectly in size - that's exactly how I wanted the bulbs not to touch the flowers on the windowsill. There are different sizes of these garlands, some even with the possibility of connecting several into a single whole. Let's see how long it will last, but today I do not regret the purchase a bit - our idea with window decoration was a success. Therefore, I strongly advise you to buy. I hope that you will like it too. Thank you for looking at my review, I hope it was at least a little useful for you. Happy holidays and stay healthy! 전체 리뷰보기

lacie rugged external portable lac9000298 로고

LaCie Rugged External Portable LAC9000298

a huge plus of this hard drive is the presence of Thunderbolt, since I use a poppy and sometimes there is not enough space. Lightweight and well protected with rubber protection on all sides (a couple of times padol from the table) works like new. Very high transmission speed, good design. There is a similar one still on the 2T. There is own software that can protect all information on the disk. The only thing is that the Thunderbolt cable is soldered into the hard drive itself, it is not removable. The usb 3.0 cord is removable, but I don’t use it because the speed is lower than that of Thunderbolt. It is not noisy and does not heat up, we work with him and my wife in two, we take it in turns to go on business trips. 전체 리뷰보기

amazonbasics dvi to hdmi cable 로고

AmazonBasics DVI To HDMI Cable

We recently assembled our second computer and ran into a problem connecting an old monitor. I really didn’t want to buy a new one, since the old Benq was completely satisfied and it was originally planned to save money on this important part of any desktop PC. But during the selection of parts, I did not pay attention to one small detail, namely, the connectors for connecting. The old monitor was connected to the old system unit using a VGA cable, and there was no corresponding connector on the new video card. It was on the motherboard, but if I understood everything correctly, then when you connect the motherboard, you won’t be able to use a discrete video card, and the built-in one obviously wouldn’t have pulled the games that we aimed at. Thank the cyber god, in addition to VGA, the monitor has another previously unclaimed DVI-D connector. The cable was probably included once, but was lost. Or maybe it wasn't, that's not the point. The important thing is that an unexpected problem suddenly found its solution, because DVI-D was also present on the purchased video card! What happiness, what joy! I started looking for cables or adapters in the open spaces of online stores. At the search stage, I refused adapters, since there was no desire to sculpt a long structure. How would I explain something ... in general, using an adapter on the back of the system unit would result in such garbage |==- and the load on the connector would greatly increase. Moreover, the probability of an accidental breakage of the entire bandura by me or my crazy cat Serunya would increase. I decided to buy a cable. With it, the design is much safer, and indeed more correct, as it seems to me. After all, each adapter is an extra resistance? So the topic is not mine, I can’t even call myself a theoretician in it. The cable is cheaper. Actually, I was looking for the cheapest one, to be honest. The affordable price was important (the entire salary of the girl went to the system) and the presence of an online store in our glorious city of Pskov at a physical point. These criteria have seriously narrowed the search scope. Up to literally a few models, and I chose the Buro HDMI - DVI-D cable. Why did I choose not DVI-D - DVI-D? I do not remember, but most likely because there was no such thing in stock. Of course, I deprived myself of the opportunity, without removing the existing cable, to connect the TV to the system unit through the only HDMI port on the video card (after all, the image will not go from the mother?), But on the other hand, such a need has not arisen for a long time, because I am a retrograde - I throw off movies on a flash drive, and play ... In short, it's not time to talk about it yet. In any case, if I buy a new monitor, I just unroll the cable and I have free HDMI for the TV. Or just buy a new one. Delov then. The cable Buro HDMI - DVI-D cost a penny. At least for such a useful posting, I consider 340 rubles more than an affordable price. What are its features? Yes, it's like they don't exist. Gold-plated contacts, 1.8 meters long (I no longer need it), a ferrite filter to combat possible interference (though they say that it makes sense only when the cables are long, not short, like mine), the cable was made in China, from the connector HDMI does not fly out - it sits tightly. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it's a simple, quick, and very cheap solution that I didn't know existed until the sudden problem described at the beginning of this review. Therefore, I think that my inept review may be useful to someone. Supported resolution is 25601080 (standard 2k). I am happy with the purchase as an elephant. The picture makes me very happy. The cable works, the problem is solved, the money on the card is at interest. What else could a happy owner of a new computer, assembled with his own hands, with a lot of nerves spent on connection, wish for? I recommend of course. In specific cases, such a thing can not be dispensed with. In others, of course, it is better to take HDMI - HDMI. 전체 리뷰보기

dewalt 21 pack black oxide twist 로고

DEWALT 21 Pack Black Oxide Twist

Greetings to all! Today I want to share with you my impressions of the "one-on-one" use of a set of metal drills from DeWalt. The kit includes 6 drills with diameters of 2.3, 4.5, 6 and 8 mm. However, the drills differ from each other not only diameters. The drills are made of high speed steel with the addition of cobalt. First, I was pleased with the quality. Despite the fact that I use a set "on occasion", drills with a diameter of 2mm have about 80 holes, 3mm - more than 300.4mm - about 100.5mm - about 60.6 and 8 - about 30 holes each. And, nevertheless, the "dead" now is only a troika, and then only temporarily (I will re-sharpen, but all hands will not reach in any way). All others are in very good condition. Drills 2.3 and 4mm have the most common cylindrical shank, like the vast majority of drills for drills. But the rest have three ... I don’t even know what to call them ... In general, they are necessary in order to reduce the likelihood of turning the drill. If you look closely, you can see that the tail is more triangular than cylindrical. Although from this angle, I think this one (I don’t know what to call it) can be seen better. All drills use a double helix for chip removal. But that’s not all. Drills with a diameter of 5.6 and 8 mm have a two-stage sharpening. That is, you don’t need to drill 2mm first, then drill from 2 to 4, and then from 4 to 6. You can take 6 right away. The first part will be 4mm, and the second step will be 6mm. But that’s not all. Sharpening is done in such a way that a very small "contact patch" is provided, when you apply the drill just before drilling. As a result, the drill does not lead away at the start. This is a very serious plus. For example, at Makita, the sharpening was done a little differently and, so that the drill did not lead away, it was necessary to glue molar tape or core. There is no need to do either of these. In terms of drilling speed, I was very pleased with the drills, they literally bite into the metal even when drilling at a speed of 600 rpm. I also repeatedly drilled wood with them, the result is also amazing both in speed and in the evenness of the holes. These are by far the best drills I have ever used. Put your fingers if this information was useful to you, add as a friend to keep abreast of new reviews. 전체 리뷰보기

pink kraft butcher paper roll 로고

Pink Kraft Butcher Paper Roll

It is always nice to receive and give gifts. March is a special month, every other day my family and friends have an important date, so the whole month I actively wrap gifts as Santa's helper. Exceptions are options for watches or jewelry, usually I give them already in store packages, which is logical. But separate "custom-made” items, from various workshops, for example, as in this case, do not imply a package from the company where the gift was purchased, respectively, I always have the habit of packing such things elegantly and festively. This is a gift to my husband, because ordinary paper flower balls were not even considered by me. A variant of very thick beautiful paper was bought, its cost is initially higher than other options, it is made of recycled cotton, pleasant to the touch, does not shine through, and does not tear during the packaging process, which is important, it looks very stylish. By the way, from a similar version of paper, you can assemble beautiful congratulatory envelopes, for example. Having already wrapped the gift, and the tube is clearly one sheet of such paper, I caught the association that I am packing in Italian wallpaper; D Just tightening the gift wrapping with a ribbon, I felt a little stupid ... because you can buy a chic version of a similar design but in the amount of several meters, a roll of some kind of chic wallpaper, and not a sheet of paper worth 450 rubles ... This is from the series: "a good thought comes after” ... Well, okay, in any case, the packaging turned out to be chic, which is exactly what I needed. 전체 리뷰보기

forehead thermometer contact infrared surface kitchen & dining 로고

Forehead Thermometer Contact Infrared Surface Kitchen & Dining

Hello! I want to tell you a little about the non-contact thermometer ordered from Aliexpress. My husband ordered it, paying 600 rubles for this device. He came without a box, just packed so that the road did not prevent him from measuring the temperature in distant Russia. It's hard to figure out what brand it is. The thermometer itself says "model HY-216". Here's what it looks like: And this is the view from the other side. At this angle, the display is visible. And in the next photo I showed the display closer. For operation, you need to insert ordinary finger-type batteries in the amount of 2 pcs.) I didn’t set up the thermometer, I don’t know if something needs to be done there or not. And I did not use these buttons on the panel. I only tested it and compared the readings with a mercury thermometer. He, like a pistol, needs to be directed, wherever you think, right, in the forehead. The distance is from 5 to 15 cm. If it is too close, it shows incorrectly. Shows different temperatures in different parts of the body. Under the armpit and in the mouth higher than on the forehead. By the way, it is not advised to measure the temperature of the temple because of possible sweat and hair. In general, sweat distorts the result. So, everyone in our family measured the temperature, it is normal, it differs from a mercury thermometer by no more than 0.2 degrees, if measured with mercury under the arm, and infrared is directed to the forehead during measurement. We really liked this item. It's easy for children to measure the temperature in a couple of seconds! Fast, and the error is small. We will use it with pleasure. 전체 리뷰보기

colorfulkoala womens waisted leggings pockets 로고

Colorfulkoala Womens Waisted Leggings Pockets

I always wanted to wear leggings, but the figure did not allow me: the legs are short, I can’t say that they are skinny. On a friend, also not the thinnest, I saw Scala leggings. She acquired them for the purpose of correction: it was necessary to remove the volume and cellulite from the hips. I decided to buy myself the same black size M to wear under tunics and dresses, at the same time tighten my hips and buttocks - in general, combine business with pleasure. I spent the whole spring in them, from the outside no one ever guessed about their true purpose, although they had been working all this time: I felt a tingling sensation around the entire perimeter. The volume decreased by only 4 cm, I didn’t have cellulite before, but the skin tone definitely increased. 전체 리뷰보기

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