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Bibox Token

Bibox is my favourite token for holding because bibox shares their fees earings to bix holders also we can lick our bix for some extra reward and I really like their that system also unlocking takes 24 hours bix token primary use case is also for ieo that was helped on bibox, bibox ieo platform name is orbit and if any project comes on bibox for ieo/ fundraising then only payment method is bix Bix token is an excellent utility token, but bibox exchange but bibox exchange needs to marketing because bibox exchange is from 2013, but no significant development but binance come 2017 and become wold's no1, but bibox is not even top 10 exchanges if we compare with real volume, but I really feels if bibox goes top then bix will moon hard because it has enormous use case in bibox exchange전체 리뷰보기

trust wallet 로고

Trust Wallet

Free hot wallet

Trust is the best opensource project with YFYC also we have to control your funds, and mainly they added bitcoin now a few months ago it is only for ethereum and now it supports many blockchains including bitcoin, binance chain, Tron chain, tomochain and have the plan to add more it means development is always running on trust Those who are new in the cryptocurrency market for those people this wallet can be a great choice because installation of trust wallet takes few minutes and also for also using trust wallet is not complicated trust wallet support all types of apps and blockchain that supported from trust wallet, but unfortunately, trust wallet is not for mac and windows전체 리뷰보기

beam 로고


Beam currently works on proof of work mechanism now beam is written on c++ concept New protocol also need ASIC miners Beam to use mimblewimble technology means the beam can provide sufficiently fast transaction speed with it can able to become world's most significant privacy coin Beam is not listed on many big exchanges but I feel future of beam is quite substantial because their max supply is in circulating if demand increase then mean can moon hardly because its currently undervalued as if we see their use case also today beam is pumped by 60% LOL but I really like to see how mimblewimble technology works in future.전체 리뷰보기

trezor one 로고

Trezor One

Trezor is the secure wallet for storing cryptocurrencies because trezor is a cold wallet means when trezor is unplugged from your computer then there are low chances of risk, and also trezor is supported by excellent wallet exodus we can also transact on exodus. Trezor model t is the best version than trezor one because in model t There are touch screen display also as compared to the old version on trezor model t we can able to store more cryptocurrencies than the old version Trezor wallet is a bit costly its price is approx 100$, but for storing cryptocurrencies, this much cost is fine Trezor wallet physical button helps to prevent any phishing attack 전체 리뷰보기

kucoin 로고


Kucoin is a reputed exchange also they have many pairs with different coins. kucoin provides a fast and free deposit, and withdrawal fees are also average kucoin have many plans, and many of them are ready such as kucoin have their ieo platform named as Spotlight for ieos even in future kucoin planning to launch margin trading kumex also if you hold kcs kcs also have many use cases Kucoin reward mechanism for kcs holder is really cool suppose you hold 30000 kcs for hold you will get daily 0.003 bitcoin without doing anything and monthly your earning will be 1000$ without doing anything only for keeping kcs also if we use kcs for paying fees you need to hold it has a graph means max you hold kcs you will get max fees discount if you keep 10000 kcs you will get 10% fees discount and if you hold 30000 then you will able to decrease fees up to 30% 전체 리뷰보기

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