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Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet where you can store your bitcoins. you can also use coinbase to purchase and sell cryptos including bitcoin and litecoin. it's also very easy to send bitcoins from one user to another. the security of the wallet is great which includes a twp factor authentication and wallet insurance to make sure you won't lose your money. I use coinbase as a personal wallet because it allows me to have my coins in a secure purse with 2FA enabled and also sell or buy if necessary, the use of the application does not have any additional cost other than the fees of shipping or purchase and sale. I recommend you coinbase since it is a well-known company with many reputable investors behind you so you can be sure that your cryptocurrencies will not disappear in any case. Also coinbase is one of the few regulated Bitcoin companies.전체 리뷰보기

bittrex 로고


Bittrex is trusted and old cryptocurrency exchange with good trading volume. Bittrex exchange user interface is bit harder for new traders of bittrex but for pro traders its very useful. Deposit fiat money, then buying specific cryptocurrencies for out interest (mostly in the USD market), after few tradings - we convert it again to USD and withdraw this fiat money and transfer it to our customers. Bittrex exchange with very serious people in charge, they add many coins but after an exhaustive control they avoid adding coins without community support or without active developers. What stands out most of Bittrex is the large number of listed currencies that have in its platform (more than 100) also counting with a large volume of purchase and sale for each currency. It also provides pairs for BTC, USDT, XMR and other important currencies such as USDC. As far as security is concerned it provides 2FA verification to be able to enter the account and to make withdrawals of coins use confirmation by email together to whitelist.전체 리뷰보기

bitfinex 로고


I have been using this exchange to sell and buy cryptocurrencies for several years because it offers good security and also has a large volume of market for the most important cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. What I like most about this exchange is its bet for the security of the account, since it is evident that one of the most important problems in the world of cryptocurrencies are hacking to exchanges. For this Bitfinex offers several security measures for your account. They also have their own currency called USDT that offers parity with the USD dollar therefore it is possible to keep your funds in dollars at the same time you have a cryptocurrency called USDT, this token can be easily transferred as if it were Bitcoin. I recommend using Bitfinex as a platform to invest in Bitcoin or ETH mainly since the volume that moves and the liquidity is among the highest in the world, in addition the Bitfinex platform is very safe and is something to take into account when working with virtual coins.전체 리뷰보기

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The MyEtherWallet service allows you to manage your Ethereum portfolio (and the ETH tokens) as well as send coins from your personal wallet. The service offers support for file-based wallets and physical wallets (offer greater security against theft). One of the best features of the service is that it has a very friendly interface which is essential in the world of cryptocurrencies where everything is so complicated and it is vital to simplify the management to avoid losses. The application also has support for physical wallets such as "Trezor" or "Nano Ledger", which we must previously connect to our computer using a USB cable. We can also highlight the possibility of using MyEtherWallet on our computer locally and without accessing the internet to manage our wallet and sign shipments without risk to security, the signed file can be sent later to the online version of MEW to propagate the transaction. Myetherwallet also allows you to create your own purse in a file that the web itself generates using random algorithms that calculate your private key by means of javascript.전체 리뷰보기

ethereum 로고


Ethereum is the 2nd Largest cryptocurrency in the crypto market. Ethereum 2.0 is on the way which will fix some of the current issues that hold back many users from developing and utilizing Ethereum. Ethereum stil runs on old blockchain version which should be update in Ethereum 2.0 . Expect the value of Ethereum to continue going up along with user adoption and development. Google is even teaching Ethereum development at their training facilities so the most influential company on the internet recognizes the value and potential of Ethereum and they are on board with it as well. Deployment of smart contracts and decentralized applications. send and receive payments much faster than bitcoin yet with the same level of confidence that it's value will remain. Increasing value has made for an even better investment vehicle and storage of value. over the past few months the value of ETH has doubled meaning the value of our eth holdings has brought incredible returns in addition to the technical and financial purposes.전체 리뷰보기

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