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Cardano Cool

Cardano's cool, no question about it. When I first got into Crypto I avoided the over zealous ADA Fanboys and Gals due to their obvious bias, in favour of Cardano over other Alts. As time passed, I too became a dedicated, and committed Staker on the Cardano platform. The low fees, and soon to realized, Defi offerings like Sundae swap, has me drooling, just thinking of all the possibilities and putting all those memories, of lost crypto, torn from my Eth wallet against my will because of their abominable setup over there, behind me for good. My fiat wallet is thin, but my Cardano wallet has some girth to it, thanks to it's recent gains this bull run. Some of the slow development being done, is frustrating but necessary I think, if you want it to stand the test of time, so I'm not concerned. Slow and steady wins the race. 전체 리뷰보기

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Ethereum HEX'd me!

Hex started out good for me and I got in before the Big payday so I was fairly happy with it. Staking was no problem, and the tutorials left no stone unturned, with the exception of 1 major point. The Fees associated with withdrawal. For big investors it's not that bad, but for the little guy who's still learning the ropes, in regard to ERC20 tokens, then it can quickly become a frustrating experience. In the end I resorted, to just leaving my tokens in my wallet, and waiting for a solution to present itself. Fortunately projects like Change now, were brought to my attention, much to my relief. I went with Change now to exchange my tokens and ten minutes later, ended up with a good return of my initial stake. All in all I would recommend HEX but you must be aware of the current problems with Ethereum and plan accordingly. Eth problems have investors moving house to wherever cheaper fees are residing. The downside to that is the risk. To my knowledge I don't know of anyone who's been shafted by HEX at all, so it would be good to keep using the tried and true. 전체 리뷰보기

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