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Ad intelligence tools track competitors’ advertisments and optimize ad spending by getting a more detailed ad revenue data. Businesses utilize ad intelligence tools to see where their competitors are placing the advertisements, whar ad creatives theiy are using and how much their ads cost. To learn more about ad intelligence, read the reviews in this category.

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whatrunswhere 로고
1 리뷰

WhatRunsWhere is the must have tool for buying media. It allows you to quickly make smarter choices when developing digital campaigns, resulting in no wasted ad spend and improved ROI from media buying.

apptica ad intelligence 로고
0 리뷰 provides insights into the complex world of in-app advertising.

adbeat 로고
0 리뷰

With Adbeat you can uncover any advertiser's online strategy, see advertisers that are spending on each publisher, and Instantly find top Display ads on 50,000+ publishers.

socialpeta 로고
0 리뷰

SocialPeta is the #1 Ad Intelligence Platform. Dedicated Advertising Intelligence on App, Game and eCom. Massive database and powerful search features with 68 ad networks. Intelligence with Ads, Market, Cost, App, Audience, Ecom & Brand. Help you develop your business in all marketing decisions.

adjinn 로고
0 리뷰

We provide agencies, brands and publishers with digital advertising campaign data; both their own campaign data and those of their competitors. Our technology, based on big data and machine learning, provides comprehensive awareness of any brand‘s digital display and video advertising activity, either via raw data extracts or through our intuitive and…

admetricks 로고
0 리뷰

Admetricks is Ad Intelligence for Online Advertising It allows you to Discover where and how much brands are spending on online advertising to make better strategic decisions, track your competitors marketshare, verify your ad placements, discover trends in real time and receive alerts when competitors launch a new campaign. It has the largest…

adclarity 로고
0 리뷰

AdClarity is a marketing intelligence tool for anyone who works in the online advertising industry. Regardless if you are an Advertiser, Agency, Publisher, or Ad Network, AdClarity provides you with the actionable insights you need to create the best possible digital advertising campaigns for you or your clients.

apptopia 로고
0 리뷰

Actionable data for the mobile world—we provide performance data on every mobile app and publisher in the world. These data points are available via API and/or our intuitive web tool. We don't just give you data, we give you answers. Our affordable competitive intelligence tools are used by mobile publishers and developers, service providers, and…

macaw 로고
0 리뷰 is an ads library for Facebook, Instagram and MyTarget with powerful search and analytics. Macaw has over 170 million creatives from all over the world, and their number is growing by 1 million per day. Get inspired by the best ad creatives from Facebook (all the placements). Track, search, filter, download, use, and take your profits from…

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