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Nicehash is also a cryptocurrency exchange, which I have ever come across with ease simplicity, speed, transparency, security and many other factors you think you can consider. The exchange is very okay by me, I'm just left with to deposit in the exchange. Besides the exchange has received a good and excellent star rating from their users, all the reviews I read about this exchange was very good and a positive one, also the customer support teams are responsible and has a good trading fee. I have not been affected with any of the trading services of this exchange, I will update you when I start using this exchange. Veja a crítica completa

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IstoX is a crypto-currency exchange which comes from Singapore, but to me the way I see the exchange it is an investment platform. well this platform is very good for investors to at least invest $100 minimum for better results of their funds, the exchange is very secured to use and reliable, their services are transparent and straight forward,, no hacking activities has been reported about the exchange so I think this exchange is very good to use. I went to the telegram group to search for the exchange and I discovered the exchange is not active, I don't know the reason behind this, I haven't use this platform but I'm still looking forward to see what I can do before this month ends. thank you. Veja a crítica completa

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Kipu world is a cryptocurrency exchange, which i could not even use due to the fail on the connection to the website. This exchange was discovered by me in early 2021, and i was introduced by a friend of mine, that the exchange was actually very Good, but as time goes on the exchange turned something else and can't be used. Each time i trued logging in the website, all i got was a connection error, this made me conclude bad on the exchange. Well, according to my research on the exchange i learnt it has a good trading environment with also a nice trading fee? But i don't know how true was this statement as i was not able to access the exchange. Veja a crítica completa

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Squirrex exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange which was launched inthe year 2019. I knew about the exchange early this year, but after making attempt to use the exchange, i have to first of all make research on the exchange to see if it's services will favor me. But after all my researches, i couldn't use the exchange as the information about the founders are not clear, and the trading volume is not impressive. Well the exchange came up with a good and well sophisticated block chain technology. The trading environment is organized and well kept. If not for some suspicious tags of the exchange i would have traded on thw exchange. Veja a crítica completa

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Spero exchange came from South America. I was attracted to this exchange not until I discovered trading fee was too high for me to afford, well the customer support teams are always available to give fast response to users messages, this exchange on the other hand has a bad interface it was so difficult for me to navigate the exchange the interface also the interface has slow response this made me stop using the exchange with my mobile device. I have to use my desktop to navigate freely on the exchange. The exchange has its own token which is used to trade other cryptocurrencies my experience with the exchange was not too okay, Thank you. Veja a crítica completa

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Xmoon exchange was built under a good block chain technology which is very sophisticated and reliable. I think according to my researches the exchange has its own native token, everything about the exchange is made of simplicity. Well, Registration was not something difficult for me to carry out, all I needed was just some few information about myself. The exchange has a very good trading interface, trading fee, liquidity and also on telegram had a very large amount of members. I was very happy with what I saw on the telegram, the group is very interactive. Please i advise you to use this exchange, as it has many positive reviews thank you.Veja a crítica completa

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Vertex market is another exchange which was founded in the united state of America. The exchange gives room for buying and selling of crypto currencies comfortably without any form of hardship. Thus exchange is very safe and cant be hacked easily, the trading speed of the exchange is extra fast. The exchange is also almost opened to the world, meaning users from over 190 countries can use the exchange. I was able to access the exchange comfortable even without deposit at the first place. The telegram group of the exchange is still intact, and have many members in the group. Thank you very much fir reading my review.Veja a crítica completa

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Slicex is another amazing cryptocurrency exchange which was launched in the year 2020. The exchange trades many cryptocurrencies including the popular qnd unpopular cryptocurrencies. The registration process of the exchange was very easy to me, all i needed was my email, password and country of residence, then a code was sent to me,, in other to verify my account. This exchange also have 2 KYC verification processes, i was able to successfully complete one verification, and i deposited a cryptocurrency to start trading with. My trading experience with the exchange is seriously very excellent. Veja a crítica completa

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Lupbit came into the cryptocurrency market in 2020. This exchange was established in london. Also the exchange is known for it fast qnd secured trading activities, meaning the exchange is safe and it is very fast in all of the trading services. The trading environment if the exchange is very responsive as well. Three months back i tried reaching the exchange but it seems the server is disconnected from internet as the connection to the site failed. The trading volume wqs zero and has a very low liquidity. Please stay away from this exchange, to avoid wasting your time. The exchange still have along way to go.Veja a crítica completa logotipo

Binance dot kr is a cryptocurrency exchange which came from korean in it centralised form in 2020. Been launched in 2020, simply means the exchange has just been launched. The exchange during it existence has an excellent trading interface with a fast support team. This exchange also have it own native token called BKRW. Along the line, binance dot Kr exchange did not stay long in the crypto-currency market and whlent off due to low trading volume and other makor factors. This exchange has now tyrn something else, please be careful with this exchange, it seems not more in existence. Thanks for readingVeja a crítica completa

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Tokensets was established in the year 2017. It is a decentralized exchange based on etheruem Blockchain. Thia exchange is very safe to use and cant be hacked easily by hackers. This exchange gives room for easy creation of erc20 token. The token erc20 ar always used on any exchange. The exchange has a low fee structure and also a very nice trading environment. The registration process ain't difficult. The only downside i see with this exchange is the low trading volume which has equally affected the liquidity. Aside from this i dont see anything wrong about the exchange. Please i advise others to use the exchange as well. Veja a crítica completa

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Fmall exchange was brought in Singapore in 2017. I dont even have much to talk on this exchange, due to it inactiveness. The exchange used to trade many types of crypto currencies including the popular and the unpopular ones. The support teams qre not actively available, the exchange on telegram has just 623 subscribers, this clearly indicate that the exchange is not popular. The exchange doesn't have much information about itself, nor the developers. This exchange have much to do, the trading environment is okay by me though, but the response i get from the interface is not too fast... The exchange has received poor star rating, please make research on the existence of the exchange before usage.Veja a crítica completa

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Coin galaxy was established in the year 2019, which comes from Russia. After my registration I attempted trading with the exchange but the interface I came across was a bit good, but has an unattractive trading charts. I hope the exchange build on their interface for the betterment of that trading features. I was unable to use this exchange fluently on my mobile device I have to use my personal desktop to navigate the exchange freely it was so difficult for the interface to display. Well, the customer support teams are actively available I have never eceive slow replies to my messages. Thank you.Veja a crítica completa

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Ubiex exchange comes from Singapore as a centralised exchange which provides or support spot, future, margin,OTC and Fiat trading, gor this exchange yo trade all this means it iis an advanced exchange. The exchange claims to be the world's leading exchange after my registration I came across an interface which was completely in Chinese, for it to be written in Chinese it took me time for me to navigate and see other translation options, then I came across English language. Well, my experience with the exchange was very good, but the exchange is outdated in prices of crypto currencies. I hope the exchange build up for good features.Veja a crítica completa

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Nitro ex it is a crypto-currency exchange which comes from Malta. All i needed to have an account with the exchange, was to give my email and any password of my choice. In fact the interface I came across was very excellent, the exchange trades bitcoins, etheruem, litcoins and other popular coins. On telegram the exchange is very active and give fast replies to people's messages in fact I was happy with the way people interact with themselves on the telegram group, this will also contribute to the element of trust. I was unable to get information about the trading volume of this exchange, I hope this is corrected to avoid lack of trust. thank youVeja a crítica completa

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Tell your personal story about this producCybex dex exchange all I have to say about this exchange is on the fastness and the reliability of the exchange. This exchange is clearly and very good in terms of speed in carrying out transactions activities and also has a good intriguing trading interface. This exchange has many cryptocurrency pairs which is used to treat comfortably the withdrawal process is very quick and instant unlike other exchanges which has pending I don't have anything bad to speak about this exchange all features I see on the exchange is very good to me. Thank you you can easily navigate The exchange through their website to see how theseve es. thnksVeja a crítica completa

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Zipmex is an exchange which can be used both on Android and iOS device. This exchange creates over 60 cryptocurrencies comfortably by traders the exchange Lee frc on the safeguard or security of its users accounts this exchange is highly liquidity and also has less trading fees coupled with fast trading interface. My trading activities on this exchange was very safe because it has a mobile app which kyc verification and a two-factor authentication must be carried on before any withdrawal ability my trading days was very safe and secured this exchange also has its own wallets for storing users funds, I advise the exchange to keep increasing it high liquidity and trading volume.Veja a crítica completa

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Omgfin is an exchange from Estonia, this exchange being from Estonia, is licensed and regulated so hacking ability is very difficult this is why I love Australia is in these because they come inregulated version and it's hardly be hacked. One thing I don't like about the exchange is the fact that the exchange does not support Fiat deposit through credit card nor wire transfer. The trading fee and the trading environment also the liquidity are very ok. The exchange has an intriguing trading interface. Yes she has been into the crypto-currency market in the year 2018 this means the exchange will have experience on how to maintain its platform to live longer. Please trade here you will be impressed.Veja a crítica completa

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Coinzoom easy cryptocurrency exchange which came into existence in 2020 this exchange was easily navigated by me via my desktop though it was still very ok on my mobile device which is my phone but I was not very impressed on the interface displaying on my phone, so I have to use my my desktop then I had a better view and I was able to navigate the exchange very easy. The exchange rates many cryptocurrencies and highly liquidity also the trading volume is attractive and customisable the customer support teams give us respond to my messages each time I have little problem with them and my messages are being replied with high sense of respect. Also the exchange has it native token call zoom coin. My experience with the exchange was very excellent I advise all the traders use the exchange Veja a crítica completa

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Canbit is also a cryptocurrency exchange I came across not really far back. After navigating the website to get information about the exchange to see if I will be pleased with its services,the esult on my research came out good, i came to realize the exchange is a future, spot contract trading. Then i went to yhe registration box yo sign up. The information required by me is just my email or phone number then a required password of my choice. After been Registered, the interface i came across eas adorable, the exchange has a dynamic interface which is qlso fast. The exchange support language like korean Chinese and English language. Yhe Fiat currencies supported are the USD, KRW and CNY. The exchange trades many cryptocurrencies and also has a very cheap training fee I loved using the exchange.Veja a crítica completa

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