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Quem são os especialistas da Revain?

‘Experts’ é um status especial na plataforma Revain que é concedido apenas aos autores de revisão mais qualificados e experientes e permite que eles se promovam entre toda a comunidade de criptografia.



4249 carma
Math student. Follower of the cryptography. I believe that cryptocurrencies came to change the way we use our money.
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Jose Palma photo

Jose Palma

3976 carma
Venezuela, Caripito.
Young professional, Civil Construction Engineer, knowledgeable in the field of cryptocurrencies and its market, for 4 years I have been involved in and researching the cryptoactive markets, their behavior and the...
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Killer Bean photo

Killer Bean

3227.25 carma
Kwara, Ilorin
When I'm not eating I'm REVAINing
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Robiul Islam photo

Robiul Islam

2841.75 carma
Author | Trainer | Brand consultant with over 3 years of experience.
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Adedayo Adeniji photo

Adedayo Adeniji

1780.75 carma
Lagos Nigeria
Cryptocurrency inclined
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Ezekiel Raymond photo

Ezekiel Raymond

1542.5 carma
No 8 Idi Orogbo new Adeoyo estate Ibadan
I'm an easy going person with heavenly minded. I'm a writer, singer, Clergy.
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Gabriel Medina photo

Gabriel Medina

1250.25 carma
Social communication student. I frequently use social media to work and shoot videos for YouTube.
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Stephen Toluwani photo

Stephen Toluwani

1184.5 carma
Am a young man working the ladders to the top. A crypto enthusiast and forex trader.
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Adedamola Adeniji photo

Adedamola Adeniji

1037 carma
Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
I create content for companies
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Fabrizio Zampieri photo

Fabrizio Zampieri

984 carma
Italian Economist and Financial Analyst. Crypto and Blockchain expert; ICO Advisor. Degree in Business Administration and Masters in Banking and Financial Sciences.
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Hasan Abbasli photo

Hasan Abbasli

963 carma
I have been in the crypto world for about 1 year, and I am both a researcher and a Revain Expert. My main job is a lawyer. Also i am studying at Baku State University
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Furkan Ceylan photo

Furkan Ceylan

943.5 carma
I want to learn some things about crypto money
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Navruza Saitkulova photo

Navruza Saitkulova

868.75 carma
I live Turkey
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811 carma
Post-graduated in Business Administration. Crypto investor since 2017. I believe that the top 5 currencies by market capitalization are very secure to invest and hold. Highlights for BTC, ETH, LTC, R and NRG.
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José A Rodríguez photo

José A Rodríguez

774 carma
Valencia, Venezuela
BEd of Education, major in English Teaching as a Second or Foreign Language. I'm also a teacher trainer, translator, copywriter, and proofreader. The world belongs to those who know that cryptocurrencies are the...
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francis fernandez photo

francis fernandez

719 carma
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Bukola Joy photo

Bukola Joy

710.5 carma
I am a zealous and enthusiast entrepreneur
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The hsotaka photo

The hsotaka

699.75 carma
Completed my 3 year training to become a programmer, specialized on .NET/C#. Worked as a .NET Programmer for more than 3 years. Now I'm working a an IT Administrator since more than 4 years.
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Temitope Babatunde photo

Temitope Babatunde

581 carma
Sakete, Benin Republic
Graduate of Business Administration. Married. Speaks English, French, Fɔn and Yoruba. Love reading and making researchs especially on cryptocurrencies.
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Ibrahim Sunday photo

Ibrahim Sunday

478 carma
Born at Gombe sta I am currently a 400 level mechanical engineering student at Federal university of technology Minna, Niger state. I am a web developer as well
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Danh Huỳnh Ngọc Công photo

Danh Huỳnh Ngọc Công

416.5 carma
I have discovered the unlimited potentials of blockchain technology and became a true crypto enthusiast in 2017. Right now, I am an investor, a promotion writer and a reviewer for blockchain projects.
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Ufuk Yıldırım photo

Ufuk Yıldırım

391.75 carma
I'm an electrical electronics engineer, I'm in high school for now. I have been interested in crypto technology for a long time and have been doing research on this subject, so I write reviews to share with you the...
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gregori cordova photo

gregori cordova

288.25 carma
entrepeneur, dreamer, learning !
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286.75 carma
My name is Serdar. I am 22 years old and I live in Turkmenistan I started to use Revain as someone who was curious about the crypto world and made a lot of money in this regard.
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Regina M_va photo

Regina M_va

273 carma
Trader, Analitic
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Douglas Cachazo photo

Douglas Cachazo

174 carma
Bachelor of Computer Science, UCV, passionate about technology
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Joseph Okedeji photo

Joseph Okedeji

169.25 carma
A Cryptocurrency Enthusiast
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Mr Benji photo

Mr Benji

169 carma
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Alex Fed photo

Alex Fed

149.5 carma
Hi guys! I'm Danny but I like when people call me Alex. I'm a crypto enthusiast, trader and sometimes good author and bounty hunter.
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Benaiah A. Akinlade photo

Benaiah A. Akinlade

97 carma
Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria
I am an IT Expert and a Teacher. Computers and Cryptocurrencies fascinate me.
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Hamza Khan photo

Hamza Khan

75 carma
An experienced advisor with in-depth knowledge in digital marketing and the current crypto market. Expert in blockchain ecosystems, Stellar Blockchain development, Fundraising, and token economics. To date, I have...
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Rupanshu Kumar photo

Rupanshu Kumar

64 carma
Blockchain enthusiast, loves to read and explore Blockchain based projects. Frequent reviewer at Revain platform.
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gireesh shaurya photo

gireesh shaurya

16 carma
Crypto is the future of entire economy globally. Https:// ( info in english ) ( all crypto info in hindi )
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Florian Pautot photo

Florian Pautot

7 carma
Technology enthusiast, I fell in the crypto world in 2013. At the time I was trying to mine some bitcoin with an old laptop, after he nearly exploded, I gave up. After finishing my IT degree, I went back at it. I...
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Mehdi hazni photo

Mehdi hazni

1 carma
crypto trader, google SEO, webmaster
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Andrea Massa photo

Andrea Massa

0 carma
About In 2015 I approached the world of bitcoin and blockchain,initially I collected free crypto through the classic faucets. Later on I was curious about how it worked and its relationship with the blockchain and...
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David Olayide photo

David Olayide

-189.75 carma
I'm a crypto enthusiast.
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Eles têm muitos benefícios

experts earn

Os especialistas ganham substancialmente mais tokens do que outros usuários. Airdrops exclusivos e recompensas adicionais estão disponíveis para especialistas

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Os especialistas têm sua própria tabela de classificação e são destacados como os principais autores da plataforma. Todos os especialistas são classificados por seu carma

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Avaliações de especialistas em cada projeto, troca, carteira, cartão, jogo de blockchain e piscina de mineração de bitcoin aparecem no topo das avaliações de outros usuários


Gostos / desgostos do especialista têm mais influência no carma do usuário do que o não especialista

Como se tornar um Revain Expert

Todos os especialistas são escolhidos manualmente pela equipe Revain. Damos preferência a membros ativos da comunidade Revain e autores de longa data que escrevem feedback de alta qualidade com pesquisa profunda e experiência pessoal. Todos os autores a partir do nível 9 e superior podem se inscrever para o status de Especialista.