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Review on HUAWEI GT 2 Pro Touchscreen SmartWatch Waterproof Bluetooth by Ada Kawala ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The goods are normal, money is not wasted!

Went to GT also from the first days of sales. Initially, I took both those and these more for sports, autonomy and because of the chic appearance, without needing other whims of smart watches a la Gnusmas or Apple. When the GT 2 Pro was announced, they immediately attracted an extended list of workouts and other features, such as a map on the display, answering calls, memory for music, etc. Moreover, during the presale, the price of the new GT 2 Pro was not much higher than the previous generation. By the way, a life hack: if you have straps for all occasions, then the Sport version differs from the Classic version only in a strap and a price of 4 krubs. So, without repeating many other users, but summing them up. There is no need to wait for smart functions - they will not be for the sake of autonomy. Yes, this watch is a very stylish and upgraded fitness tracker with elements of duplication of the simplest phone functions - read, answer, reject. In terms of sport control, it's a big step up even from previous GTs. But! In the new version, the manufacturer promised an even more accurate super mega heart rate sensor, which will never lie. The past clocks regularly suffered from strong errors, which, unfortunately, has not changed much in the new ones. For the second week, almost every day I drive them in the gym - as soon as the sweat starts, the pulse in the watch goes down. You take it off, wipe your hand and the sensor - an explosion of the pulse is immediately diagnosed. It is even surprising that the logic of a SMART watch, when viewing graphs in the phone, shows that the more often the frequency of strokes or steps, the lower the heart rate. The standard equipment on cardio machines shows, of course, the opposite (as it should be). Ha! And at the end of the workout, on the main screen, the pulse is immediately shown high - higher than in the workout. Moreover, in the pool, the pulse seems to be measured in accordance with the truth. Why? H. Z. Whether emulation, or chlorinated water somehow otherwise allows you to scan the skin. In general, I took it because of the features + the presence of sport modes, such as a rowing machine, ellipsoid, tennis, because. I do them often. But so far there are a lot of lies))

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  • Design, compatibility with standard straps, battery life, price + new features compared to GT (I won’t list, everything is on the site)
  • The heart rate monitor during training lies when the wrist sweats; there is no display lock on the bottom button (as it was in GT)

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November 17, 2022
Pros below: I really liked the watch, stylish, comfortable, the functionality is very cool, the autonomy goes off scale, it fits both the classics and sports, I recommend it to everyone ! Cons: Until I found and will not hope
November 16, 2022
Its pros: Second watch like this for me. Compared with the previous model, fantastic materials, the strap is more delicate. The screen is better Its cons: Charging, although wireless, but the wire has become integrated into it. Phone won't charge
October 29, 2022
An excellent gadget, lives unnoticed on the hand, monitors the patient and gives recommendations. Not suitable for someone who needs a regular watch.

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