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Review on πŸ’† Ionic Conditioning Hair Setter by Remington H5600H by Ana Lewis

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because I always leave it straight and boring. But I'm also in a hurry in the morning.

I wanted to style my hair for work because I always leave it straight and dull. But I also tend to be in a hurry in the mornings and don't want to use a straightener and mess up my hair. So I got these hot roles. I've tried this before in the past and liked it, but with a different brand. I hated the clip when it came to commercials even though it left a twist in my hair. As you can see, these wires are thin and leave no kinks. They worked great! It takes practice. Try without them first just to understand the technique. I started by taking an inch or two of hair (of the same length) and wrapping it around the curler a few times, then flipping the hair over the ends to hold it in place. Now I'm sticking the rollers out of the shell on the end as the bottom end is SUPER HOT and burned my finger! If you let the end stick out, then everything is fine. Then I use my other free hand and put the wire clip around it. Make sure the longer end is parallel to your hair otherwise it will unravel a few inches. The first few strands I made I did TERRIBLE. It was a hot mess. But as I made a few more, I got the technique. So don't get discouraged, it takes some practice. Even though half of my hair was terribly curled, I still thought the results were amazing! Look at the photos. I LOVE my videos and want to use them every day. I'll post more pics when I figure out other methods. It doesn't tell you that by the way, but the orange and red sticker on one of them will turn white when it's done. The instructions don't mention this.

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