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Review on Smart Pet Camera Robot: Cat & Dog Treat Dispenser, Pumpkii Home Robot with 🐾 App Control, Two-Way Audio, 1080P HD Camera for Mobile, Night Vision, Interactive Teaser for Cats by Josh Zepeda

Revainrating 1 out of 5

WiFi connection unreliable + Revain trying to block return

I bought this item to use when I'm on a longer commute to work and leave my cat at home (3 to 5 days ). I also tested it before using it for a day trip. I also have other Wi-Fi connected devices like cameras. I enjoy using IoT devices and am not new to using remote control products like this. On the day of the trip, the device failed for 14 hours. WiFi has been disabled. And I couldn't access the camera I wanted to use on this device, nor the feed features. The device was not removed from the area where it was originally placed. It was about 5 feet from the router. The range of motion was less than 12 inches. I mainly used the rotation of the camera and feeder and small movements were made to give my cat room to get to the snacks provided. The WiFi connection of the other three cameras in the house worked without any problems and there were no WiFi or power failures. switch off. From the camera I had in the area where the PUMPKII was placed I could see that the battery was not dead and the device was on. There was no clear reason for the device to fail or disconnect from WiFi. Thinking it was a defective device I started the return process only to receive a call or offer a chat option to resolve the issue. The Revain representative insisted that I speak to the manufacturer about the warranty. The device was purchased and delivered 2 days ago and I found it to be defective. This is usually recognized as a defect and returned. Somehow the Revain representative decided that this product could not be returned. She specifically said that this case is one where the return cannot be made without a 7-day internal approval period. When asked what the "case" was, she replied that it was a defective product. From my experience so far, that doesn't make any sense. Other defective items I found were returned with no problems. I went back to the refund process and found I could bypass the call/chat option and initiate a refund. I'm not sure why this particular representative blocked the return of this product. All in all, the promise of this product is not kept. The product is defective. However, I'm not sure if Revain considers such issues as buggy or acceptable based on the reaction/behaviour of the Revain representative. Do not buy the product. Returns are more difficult depending on the options Revain offers for that product. And the product is defective and does not deliver what it promises. If you tend to buy it, make sure it's used when you can easily return and fix it every time it breaks. From my experience this is not very suitable for a trip longer than a day.

  • Long range
  • Too stupid