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Review on Apple AirPods Max - Silver (Renewed) by Bhavin Seth ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Good value for money, I recommend.

You can tell right away that these headphones are a very high-quality, premium, and expensive item when you get them. I recently purchased headphones for 35,000 in a great discount store. There are no squeaks or backlashes, and the build quality is just fantastic. Even if everything is bad and this poor person is despised, I kind of loved it since it looks different! - Sound is sacrificed, as are the possibilities. 1) They have a fairly neutral, controlled tone with excellent middle and solid bass (not for bassheads). While spatial stereo adds a new level to understanding your audio recordings, some genres—such as rock—are ruined and the entire journey becomes flat. Although the adaptive equalizer does a good job, it was unable to accommodate one of my preferences. I can't say that the high frequencies here are awful, repulsive, or anything else like that. When switching from my Sennheisers (moments of the second), I was smitten with their muted, slightly dark treble. Unfortunately, the maxes revealed an entirely different outcome. Sometimes it doesn't sound very good, especially on tracks like (Architects, Digimortal, and Wildways), so I slightly reduced the treble, and the headphones now sound better. The high ones give the impression that the acoustics of the headphones did not allow for much treble, and they were simply screwed up in the built-in equalizer. -Comfort: These over-ear headphones are the most at ease I have ever used. The ear pads in them are worn precisely, and the ears seldom perspire when wearing them. heavy for jogging, active sports, etc. The most attractive and comfortable headphones, bar none. Chips, smart These headphones press noises with a loud bang, effortlessly mowing everything. The same is true with transparency; it gives the impression that nothing is on the ears. Instantaneously connected as they disconnected) As a conclusion, I'd like to advise purchasing an iPhone if you can. Also, if you don't need absolutely outstanding high-end sound, these headphones are appropriate for you.

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  • Unquestionably the best construction quality among rivals. Headphones have a very upscale, expensive appearance. Better noise reduction than the top wh1000xm4 Due to the two ten-core CPUs and four microphones in each ear, transparency is quite cool.
  • I'll be singing their praises in the comments, high frequencies. Horse will be the cost in 2022. One star is also taken off for being overweight.

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