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Review on G4Free 13-Piece Camping Cookware Mess Kit: Non Stick Pot, Knife & Spoon Set For Hiking And Backpacking Picnics by Jordan Perez

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Stay away, you'll need to replace soon if you buy it

I did hours upon hours of research on this before buying it. Literally. I spent days looking through all my options on different websites, blogs, YouTube reviews and opinions/advice and then finally decided on this. I saw the beaming reviews on this and was convinced this was the best option. I also saw the criticisms. I was aware that I was getting a budget mess kit, not an MSR kit. I still had high hopes. Obviously, this is made from basic materials, but it definitely gets the job done. It's small, compact, and light. I got this because I wanted to have a pot (to boil water) and a pan (to cook eggs and such), but also small plates to eat out of. This passed my checklist. This would work wonderfully for a weekend car camping trip or even a backpacking trip.The only reason I'm being stingy is that the coating material inside the kit gets scratched VERY easily. Another reviewer mentioned this before me, by the way. It's a design flaw. You have to nest the kit together, within each other, and when that happens, the folded metallic arms scratch the inner surface of the other kit pieces. Also, the arms feel flimsy and weak.Overall, a pretty product, but with a design flaw. If you're planning on using this more than once, then, your nonstick coating is eventually going to scratch off at the folded-arm level. I ended up buying a really good mess kit through OfferUp (an app for buying and selling things locally) and haven't given this any use. It comes with a little carry sack that keeps the pieces together. Though, the box it came in had a completely different brand than the one I bought from on revain. Weird. It's not their product, they just resell/rebrand generic gear from China and then ship it to you.My thoughts and criteria for products I review: (revain’s Rating Criteria in Parentheses)* 1 Star (I hate it!): Feel it's a waste of money. Will never use it again. Would never recommend. Not safe to use. Either throw away or return it.** 2 Stars (I don’t like it): Don't like it and wouldn't use it again, but may still have at least 1 positive thing about it.*** 3 Stars (It’s ok): Product has both positives and negatives, and I may or may not continue using it. Someone else may like it more and is potentially still worth purchasing.**** 4 Stars (I like it): Item as described in functionality, purpose, and quality. May have 1 or 2 things I don't care for or would change, but not big issues. Would recommend if asked, but wouldn't say I love it.***** 5 Stars (I love it!): Practically perfect. Nothing lacking in functionality or quality. Love it and would not only recommend, but would purchase for others and continue to purchase for myself.

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  • The lightweight construction of this mess kit makes it easy to carry and transport, even on longer trips
  • The set is not very heat-resistant, and can melt or warp if exposed to high temperatures or flame

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