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Review on Smart speaker Yandex Station Mini without clock with Alice, black onyx, 10W by Mateusz Biakowski ᠌

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I am very happy with this purchase, I will advise everyone!

In general, the toy is normal, but it could be sold cheaper, given that there is little practical use from it, and as a speaker for listening to music, use it, as it were . well, that . only if you connect it to more or less decent external acoustics by AUX. I took the column as a shit-control to check my tracks / mixes on it, because. Obviously, this column model is very popular. And your track should sound good from any iron))

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To give readers a more comprehensive understanding, I've included some photos to supplement my review.


  • 0. Packaging - my respect! Stylish, cool! 1. The industrial design of the speaker itself is great! Looks awesome. 2. Can turn on / off / change the color of Yeelight smart bulbs. 3. Knows how to set a timer, read the weather / traffic jams. 4. You can turn on Bluetooth and play anything from your laptop / tablet / phone (you can control the playback of the same YouTube with your voice) 5. Alice seems to have wised up, speech recognition works fine.
  • 1. Doesn't know how to play music from Spotify/YouTube out of the box (well, at least something third-party, except for the meager . Music music library). 2. Not the best quality MONO speaker, which means that all modern music loses its stereo volume, which is equal to half the buzz from music. Buy a second one if you want a stereo pair (only this is a strange decision, I will explain why below). 3. The speaker is excellent for playing speech content: bluetooth videos, podcasts, audio books are generally fire. But only the most unpretentious listener will listen to music on this device. First, I repeat: this is a MONO speaker. Secondly: all the reviews on the Internet lie about the sound. In reality, the frequency response is very curved: the tops are turned up - by ear, in the region of about 10-15kHz, the frequency peak is raised by some thin band, a very unpleasant rattling rattle-resonance. No built-in equalizer can fix this, because. this is a design feature of the speaker. At low frequencies (bass), everything is clear: the speaker is small, there is no bass - the physics of sound, you can’t argue against physics. Of course, you can play around with finding the location of the speaker in the room, catch some kind of modal support for the standing waves of the room, but few people will bother like that.

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July 13, 2023
With its pros: Good sound, excellent voice control. Different cons: It seems like you want a version with a clock, but it is two thousand more expensive (forty percent of the cost on top!)

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