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Review on πŸ“½οΈ DBPOWER RD-820 Mini Projector with Carrying Case - Portable Video Projector, 5500Lux Brightness, Support for 1080P, 200'' Display, Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI, VGA, TF, AV, USB by Charles Barney

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From the moment we saw the first video on our living room wall, my wife and I loved this projector. It's so portable and easy to use. I suggested using it next summer to show my grandkids movies on the patio. She thought it would be great to bring family reunions to share old memories. When I mentioned to my wife that she should get a projector, she explained that she needed a projector to draw outlines for crafts. I looked at many projectors and compared equipment, price and ratings. For the price, the RD-820 Mini stood out. Having owned several different DBPower action cameras, I have complete confidence in their quality and durability. I haven't watched a single movie from a projector in a few years. I was expecting really good image quality from the brand and the reviews. I lowered my expectations. Impressive image quality even when projecting onto a light beige wall during the day. Can't wait to see this on a real screen. I then need to add updated photos. I also need to use a camera that adjusts to the light better than my iPhone because my photos don't reflect the sharp image that actually appears on the screen. The projector comes in a nice carrying case. HDMI cable and 4 pin male cable with 3.5mm plugs and 3 RCA audio/composite/video jacks. The device offers a very simple setup. If you can connect and control a DVD player, you can handle it. Tip: Retract the lens before attempting to put on the lens cap. (For some reason I know it doesn't fit otherwise😬). The unit offers options to mount it on a table or mount it if I later decide to hang it from the ceiling. I used a tripod to easily adjust the height for my wife to view her project for tracing. Connecting to my Windows 10 laptop with an HDMI cable was "plug and play". The projector reflects my laptop screen. I streamed the Revain Prime movie, played videos captured by one of my drones and viewed some photos with my wall as the screen. I have a 2TB USB portable hard drive connected to the USB port. The remote control is used to select the media type (movie, photos, music or text). Select the file folder for playback. Highlight and select the file. I played MP4, MOV and AVI videos, JPG photos and MP3 music Files Everything worked fine I haven't tried a text file yet I'm very pleased with the RD-820's ability to connect to a larger hard drive with create multiple file folder depths that contain playable files I've read several reviews of other projectors pointed out the main limitations of connecting a hard drive. Everything from USB sticks only to size limits ranging from 325GB to requiring all media files to be in the root directory. It was strictly plug and play. I can see every media folder couldn't be easier. The sound quality is not bad for watching a TV show or a presentation. You wouldn't expect more from such a small box. But for a movie, I connect the sound to the speakers with an amplifier or to my stereo system to always experience a deep, rich sound. like a 5V USB port. It's great for powering a streaming flash drive or Bluetooth transmitter. We are very happy with this projector. When reviewing this product, I thought of a few other things I would like to try such as: B. an SD card and the connection of the audio output with a Bluetooth transmitter. Excited yes!

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