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Review on Argos™ Threat Intelligence Platform by Justin Butler

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Great info gathered by one simple interface

I like that it is easy for our security team as well as end users alike (such as students) in accessing information about threats across many different platforms such as email accounts or social media websites etc. It makes finding relevant threat intel much easier than searching through multiple sources manually! Nothing really at this time but maybe more features could be added? Would love if there was an option where you can set up alerts when new messages are received from certain domains/email addresses so we don't have to constantly check every hour just hoping something pops out - sometimes nothing does :( As mentioned above though; great tool that has helped us find some interesting links which may not otherwise show with other tools available today.

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  • Easy access
  • Various ways one might do searches, i feel comfortable using.
  • Email notification system helps make sure no data goes unchecked before they send them too customers :)
  • Good integration between GSuite & Google SearchBoxes
  • Will fit