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Review on 🎩 Handmade Men's Accessories: Hide Drink Warranty for Wallets, Card Cases & Money Organizers by Michael Moulton

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Should be 1/4 inch larger all around.

I REALLY wanted to love this thing like BIG TIME. However, it's not wide enough to hold even a few cards, let alone cash. So I stretched it out by putting in about 7 cards for at least a week. It's stretched a bit, but still too tight and needs to be made at least 1/4" wider IMHO! Wallet. Proper seam placement prevents cash from entering far enough for the clasp to close properly. That way you're either squeezing few bills that might be in there or you have to keep your money on the BACK of the wallet which I don't like doing and is the opposite of how I carry cards and cash in ANY other minimalist wallet of mine 😒The tabs are great would work, if the wallet was wider and if the wallet was also made 1/4" taller. Because mine only holds about 3 cards at the moment and even that isn't enough. It could be a great little minimalist wallet if only it made it bigger in all directions. The wider, the more cards will fit, and the taller, the more money will lie flat so the button tab doesn't crush them. So for now it's pretty much useless to me and will just gather dust for the rest of my life and be. Too bad, because I love the slate blue too! Like ALL 15 of my leather Hide and Drink items (14 of which are wallets) they are VERY GOOD but just not practical given current design/size. The. So, H&D, if you're reading this, add 1/4 inch to the dimensions for the wallet's height and width and you've got a real winner. But now it's a museum piece worth less than $20. in my wallet collection (50+) and I don't plan on ever using it because I NEVER only carry 2-3 cards with me and I'd rather have my money in front of my cards than behind them. Such a shame because the design looks amazing and it's a very unique wallet/card holder πŸ€―πŸ€”πŸ˜±πŸ€¨πŸ˜’

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  • This is the perfect card holder for me, it holds 3 or 4 cards and some notes.
  • LIMITED CAPACITY: Hide & Drink's retractable leather card holder only holds up to 4 cards and folded bills, which may not be enough for people who need to carry more than the essentials.