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Review on Sceptre Monitor Speakers Brushed E248W 19203S 75Hz, ‎E248W-19203RS by Jason Reiff

AMAZING deal if that's the price I got it for!

I want to say WOW to this display! I managed to buy one of the last in stock when it was very cheap. I did not expect this. In fact, I figured I'd end up with a smaller display with fewer specs. and possibly used or refurbished. The base holds up very well. I was kind of shocked because when I first assembled it I didn't think it would stand upright on my desk. However, it is very well designed. Initially, the screen would tilt forward when it first connected to the base and this could tip it over if I let it. However, this is SO normal for a 4k monitor! I've driven hundreds of Dell and Apple 4k displays for work in the past and ALL have this issue the first time you put them on a table. Just wait for it to happen and hold it while adjusting the screen's backward tilt. He adapts but moves slowly. We want this because that tension keeps the screen where we want it. The screen on this one is just HUGE. I didn't even know it would be that big! I feel like I'm sitting in front of a small TV. So I think it makes sense to mount it on the wall so I can put some distance between me and the display. I've now watched a couple of movies about it from the futon while sitting across the room with no effort. This is definitely a sexy display. It's not entirely frameless, but close enough. I always worry about dead pixels during shipping. I think we all do! Luckily there isn't even one. It was packed in styrofoam in the box, so that's no surprise. The screen has also been covered with a plastic film to protect it from scratches. It came with a 5ft HDMI cable, which was unexpected but nice. This display goes SO well with my AMD Ryzen 7 Acer Swift Ultrabook! This Ultrabook is a clone of the MacBook Air, and AMD's graphics utility has a "studio" pixel format that mimics the papery, soft, matte look that Apple has made popular with many publishers and graphic designers. Bigger than a Thunderbolt display and definitely cheaper. The speakers are actually better than I expected. These are still inexpensive monitor speakers, but at least they get loud... they're good enough for watching YouTube, but probably not as good for music or movies. Overall I can't believe I have such a good monitor for under $100. I shouldn't be surprised to see complaints here after over ten years with Revain, but yeah... it still surprises me that they come from something like this.

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Pros & cons

  • This product is worth the money I paid for it
  • After a while there is no picture... not at all... but we can hear it?!!

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