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Review on MAGGIFT Curtain Christmas Backdrop Decoration Lighting & Ceiling Fans by Carla Anderson

MAGGIFT Curtain Let it rain in the New Year!) - all pros and cons about this

Dreams should come true. Last New Year, I kept looking at other people's windows, decorated with garlands-curtains. Such beauty! People seemed to share their festive mood. And after all, one could easily catch these New Year's vibes of goodness. So I wanted the same sparkling backlight to my house. But somehow it didn't work out. And this year we just remembered this New Year's dream of ours. It was time to look at the offers in online stores. And so the choice is made. LED garland "Curtain" received and even installed on the curtains. In fact, our garland has several names. Choose which one you like best. On a plastic jar, in which the New Year's "magic" fit, the garland is called "Curtain". On the website of the online store, it is designated as "Curtain" and as "Rain". But, one way or another, all these names correspond to the decoration. LED garlands. Here, I think, you don’t even need to convince anyone: everyone understands that LEDs are a beautiful and modern solution. They are durable. They are economical. They glow wonderfully. However, you can learn about the best qualities of LED garlands by reading the information on the package. Well, once again we will be convinced of them in practice. Our New Year's garland "Rain" "comes" from China. Such an East Asian origin no longer surprises anyone. The widespread distribution of Chinese goods around the world is the reality of our days. The country of manufacture is also indicated on the program mini-controller. The plastic jar with the garland was packed to capacity. When you see the curtain in its unfolded form, it is even hard to imagine that it can be laid so compactly. The LED decoration has dimensions of 2x3 m. But everyone chooses the size that suits his conditions. We were looking for a garland in the hall, where the window is combined with an exit to the loggia. For us, the three-meter length of the garland was just right. And 2 meters, of course, is the height of the "curtains". Our two-meter "rain” "did not reach the floor”. But that's probably even better. We were satisfied. Initially, the garland is a plexus of wires with pigtails-threads. The wires are thin, but there are several of them. However, the manufacturer was able to make them as inconspicuous as possible. In order to fasten the wires, plastic fasteners are used. They seem to be pretty reliable. Due to inexperience, at first they tried to release this mount - it was not there. Hanging threads are twisted into pigtails. Since the wires are wire in a plastic sheath, it will not be difficult to twist or unwind the pigtails. At least, we coped with this task quite quickly. In total, the New Year's decoration has 16 "rain" threads, and a total of 160 LED bulbs are involved. The garland is designed for 8 modes of operation. The LED lights flash this way and that, at different speeds. Looks good. We have chosen a mode that suits everyone so far. We turned off the flickering and running lights - we found a mode in which the bulbs just glow. It turns out even, uniform light - and the lamp is not needed. Comfortable, beautiful, quite light. The names of the garland operating modes are indicated on the software mini-controller. To turn on the garland, of course, you need to press the "magic" button) What did we not like about this New Year's product? The cord-wire for connecting the garland is very short. And where did you see that the electrical outlet was located under the ceiling? For example, I have never seen such miracles. In the end, if you want it or not, you have to use an extension cord. This decision does not add elegance to the apartment, but what to do? Now in our hall at head level there is a "bandura” from an extension cord. It's good that tulle veiled it a little. In general, this is a disgrace. Manufacturer, well, make you wire longer! Make your customers feel more comfortable. At the other end of the garland, we found some kind of "mysterious" rosette made of transparent plastic. At first, they could not understand what it was for. And then it came. Apparently, using this socket, the garland can be extended, making, for example, six meters. Well, someone might find this option useful. The garland can be ordered in different colors. We chose warm, yellow lighting. Convinced it was the right decision. This color added coziness to the hall. Another pleasant moment of this purchase was a gift. This is a small delicate garland "Rosa". It can be used to decorate, for example, some items on the festive table or a Christmas tree. It seems to me that a bottle of champagne wrapped in a Rosa garland will look stunningly beautiful. We checked her condition. It turned out that it was working. By the way, "Rosa" is connected from the battery. Very comfortably. Here are some gentle "dewdrops" we see when turned on: In this case, the wiring used is thin and inconspicuous. In general, we are very pleased with this acquisition - the garland-curtain "Rain" -. She looks great and lifts her spirits. You immediately feel that a magical and beloved holiday will come soon. We put up a New Year tree in the last days of the outgoing year, so that the feeling of novelty and miracle is not blurred. And now our garland will remind us every day of the future holiday and create comfort in the house. We purchased the garland-curtain "Rain" for 943 rubles. The initial cost is indicated as 2850 rubles. For more than 2 thousand, we would not buy this window decoration, but for the action, it seems to me, it is quite possible to arrange a holiday for your soul.

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Pros & cons

  • Excellent warm glow; quality performance; 8 operating modes; the ability to lengthen the garland; garland "Rosa" as a gift
  • Short cord - need to use an extension cord

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