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Review on Apple IPhone 12 64GB Black by Bambang ᠌

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I was cheated! Product does not correspond to the description at all.

I would like to share my experience of buying a phone in Amazon. Ordered, delivered, picked up. Everything is as usual. Came home and turned it on. On the second day, I understand that something is wrong with the display: the white color is white only if you look at the display directly, and if you change the angles, as, for example, when walking, then the white color changes to blue. The eyes were very tired from this and it becomes unpleasant to use the phone for, for a minute, 71,000. I searched for similar problems on the Internet and yes, it turns out that this is a massive problem of displays on 12 and 12 mini, the problem of a gray-green glow of the screen on a black background was also described. I checked mine and yes, in the dark, the black color emits a phosphorescent glow. Contacted those. Apple support with the question of what to do and they answered me that this problem is known and the company is working on fixing it and I have two options: wait until this problem is fixed with a firmware ate or return the phone to the seller. I chose the second. A week later I got my money back and I ordered it again. Yesterday I took it from the point of issue and what do you think? Everything is the same as last time! Blue screen on a white background at angles and a green glow. Wrote in the chat. support that I’m buying the second time and the second time the same problem and fully described the situation, in response to my complaints about the quality of the phone, those Amazon support simply banned me and deleted my account on which there was 5000r on the personal account and about 600 bonus points. A call to the support service did not give anything - they just said that they have the right to block accounts without explaining the reason. I do not know what to do with this phone further. They can’t make a request for a refund to me by phone, and in my personal account it’s no longer possible to create it, since the account has been deleted. I will try to return it because I buy a phone for 71,000 and put up with the fact that it does not work out of the box as it should - UNACCEPTABLE! That's it. I am attaching a photo of the glow.

img 1 attached to Apple IPhone 12 64GB Black review by Bambang ᠌

  • Comfortable, compact, smart, good camera.
  • Battery

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December 20, 2022
Great phone, covers all my needs, shoots well in low light conditions, convenient to use MagSafe charging, case color and display quality are excellent!
December 20, 2022
Put 4. And then time will tell.
December 20, 2022
Has some pros iPhone is an iPhone, the latest model Cons: Of course, the price is obvious.

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