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Review on Renewed Apple Watch SE in Gold Aluminum with 📱 GPS + Cellular and Pink Sand Sport Band - 40mm by Kero Reyes ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The quality is top notch and I recommend the product for purchase.

Cool watch, very much gone, especially after Mi band products. I thought for a long time which version to take, 40 or 44 mm, the issue price is 2.5 thousand. As a result, I took 40, because my wrist is thin, and the 44 mm version looks quite cumbersome, so it will not be difficult to hook them or hit them . The screen is enough, convenient, no discomfort.

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  • ✅ Attention to detail in the style of Apple. Unpacking the watch is like a separate ritual, kayfanula ✅ Quality. Everything is done perfectly. Watches are expensive and you can feel it when you look at them. ✅ Decoration. Many built-in dials, the font can be chosen in any shade. Billion straps, at least change every day, all sorts of films, protections, covers, etc. All this can be bought in the nearest store. ✅ Compact and concise. Despite the small size of the display, everything is read and displayed as it should, a small powerful computer right on your wrist. ✅ Interaction between devices. Everything was set up instantly, no problems. I was also pleased with the moment when the phone is active, then notifications about messages do not come to the clock, nothing is duplicated and this is excellent (I used to go with Mi band, it was duplicated and peeped there). The call is duplicated, by the way. ✅ All information is collected in "Health". It is convenient that you do not need to switch between different applications. At the end of the day I flipped through the tape, all the numbers before my eyes. ✅ Training. Lots of modes for all kinds of workouts. Convenient to manage. All statistics in the application. The measurements are almost always accurate, although sometimes they exaggerate - I ran on the track, the clock says 4 km, the track is 3.7 km. ✅ A lot of really useful things, the same activity rings, a little motivation to move, it helps, especially if the work is sedentary ✅ After ating to watchOS 7.4, they began to work faster and the battery lasts noticeably longer (1.5 days is enough for me, before that it lasted exactly a day, although I did not change the settings)
  • ✅ No sleep tracking, where phases and detailed analysis will be taken into account, third-party applications are all paid and with their own jambs, which upsets ✅ Auto-brightness that can't be turned off ✅ They are charged only from the original Apple adapter. Third-party in any, the charge goes for 10 minutes and falls off ✅ If notifications for an application (for example, What’sApp) say “without showing thumbnails”, when only the sender’s name is visible, and the content of the text itself is hidden, then the quick answer function will not work on the watch, and you will not read the text, respectively. I also didn’t like that the application icon stretched to full screen, I would like something more compact ✅ The font in the settings is at a minimum, and in the notification the text of the incoming message is large for some reason, I would like it to be smaller. ✅ Sleeping in the watch is not very convenient, they are felt on the arm (I have a small version of 40 mm). If the dream is restless, it will not be difficult to hook them on the bedside table or shuffle on the head of the bed. But while there is no tracking, I see no reason to go to bed with them ✅ Charging. They are discharged at the most inconvenient moment. By the evening, 40%, it seems to be early to charge, but by the morning the percentage is low and they will die by lunchtime. Uncomfortable but tolerable

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November 17, 2022
Different pros: Convenient to switch music, broadcast phone highlights well Different cons: The screen is scratched, I recommend a hydrogel film
November 17, 2022
Got pros: The best price / quality ratio in the watch line at the beginning of 2022 Its cons: No always on display and new 6th generation blood oxygen sensors
November 16, 2022
Excellent device, everything is as always with Apple - on top.
November 16, 2022
In general, everything is cool, but the glass is terrible I regret that I did not pay extra for the usual sixth version
November 16, 2022
Has some pros Very comfortable smart watch. The best addition to iPhone Different cons: The charge lasts for a day and a half
November 16, 2022
Different pros: Excellent build quality and integration with the apple ecosystem Cons: The problem from which no one can escape is a little autonomy.
November 16, 2022
Its pros: Practical, comfortable, long battery life Has cons: The strap comes off periodically.
October 30, 2022
Got pros: A lot of useful functions, such as answering messages, calls, paying with a card, training, in general, the second smartphone on your wrist Different cons: The battery lasts for two days, they would have done more, it was super, but they charge a little more than an hour, so I don’t consider this a strong drawback.
October 30, 2022
Pros: Design, functionality, everything works perfectly. Cons below: It's a little annoying that you need to charge every 1.5-2 days, especially when you consider that there is no adapter included with the watch.
October 28, 2022
Pros below: Beautiful picture, comfortable screen size, no glitches noticed Has some cons Switched from version 3, for a year of not a scratch Conclusion - bad glass, apparently in the SE version they saved on it