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Review on Get Perfectly Smooth Skin With SOL DE JANEIRO Bum Bum Body Scrub - 7.7Oz by Mike Kimball

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Smells Amazing! Scent Lingers On Skin Afterwards!

I’d heard a ton about how amazing Bum Bum products are. I’d never tried any myself, so when I saw this, I wanted to try it!It comes in outer product box. Inside is the tub of Bum Bum body scrub. It’s pretty heavy. The tub feels really nice. The top comes off easily. Like others, I didn’t have the nice swirl in my product when it arrived. But no biggie, the swirl would have gotten messed up as soon as I used it anyways.This has a STRONG scent. Smells tropical, like coconut. It’s a beautiful scent. Normally I don’t like my skin care products scented, but I don’t mind it when it comes to body washes and scrubs. This has such a strong, beautiful scent. Most times when I use a scented body wash or scrub, I smell it while I’m using it, but once I’m done and out of the shower, the smell is gone. Not with this! With this I could smell it on my skin afterwards and my whole bathroom had the beautiful scent for a little while afterwards too!The scrub is really nice. The tub is big enough where you can easily put your hand in and scoop some out. I did find it’s a little hard to use in the shower. I sat it in the edge of my shower (the bath ledge), then when I was ready to use it I grabbed the tub. I removed the top, and put my hand in to grab a chunk of it out, being careful to not get water into the tub. I was scared of getting water in the tub, where it would then dissolve the sugar scrub. I like the aesthetic of the tub, but feel there might be a better way of packaging it so that it’s easier to get out in the shower without worrying about water getting in and melting away your amazing sugar scrub! But, I was able to get it out and use it, just made sure to be careful when I did!The scrub gets all excess skin off so easily without having to scrub hard. It doesn’t feel too rough, doesn’t make my skin red or anything. I also feel my skin wasn’t as dry as it gets when I use other scrubs.Overall, this is amazing! For me, it’s extremely pricey for a body scrub. I can get other scrubs that have nice scents and work just the same for MUCH less. Of course, I haven’t found one where the scent lingers on my skin like this does! So, I’ll save this for special occasions where I’d want the scent to linger. But, not sure I’d purchase it myself at that price tag. I don’t really see any reason for it to be so pricey, so I took a star off for the price. But other than that, the scrub is amazing! If the price isn’t a factor for you, I’d definitely recommend this!

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  • I love this product worth every penny
  • Expensive cost for only 7.7 oz