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Review on Photo camera Canon PowerShot SX540 HS, black by Jeong Hoon ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

A good amateur fotik that tried to capture all the wishes of a non-professional photographer. Take to parties, nature, to the country and stuff like that. Allows you to take pictures of things that you can’t shoot with your phone thanks to the superzoom. And the picture quality will be better.

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  • ✔️This is a very affordable fotik for amateurs. And it already has everything you need for memorable photos. Even a built-in image processor that works with one click. ✔️Superzoom, but here I already think it's too much to paint something. This camera is mainly taken only because of this zoom. What I did too. In nature, you often cannot crawl to the subject with a phone, and with it you can shoot from a considerable distance without frightening the animals. ✔️Compact and ergonomic. Indeed, the fotik is very small in size, compared to the pro counterparts, and just as convenient to use. Very comfortable to hold. Made very well. ✔️Awesome optical stabilization. Even without a tripod, it is able to show a strong result in both video and photo. ✔️ 1080p video can also run at 60 FPS, which is unusual for such a price tag. But with a minimum zoom, it shoots like 720p. More or less starts to shoot when there is an increase. ✔️A very bright and clear screen, which is enough for a non-professional. ✔️ The mechanics are minimal, which means that the fotik does not depend on the number of shots taken. ✔️ Quite a tolerable flash for the dark, but photos with a flash are only suitable for fixing what is happening. They have no aesthetics. ✔️ Writes sound well, but there is background noise. ✔️ In daylight, the shots are excellent, you can even make good bokeh. ✔️There is NFC, which is very convenient for connecting to the phone and you can shoot from it. ✔️ Weighs very little
  • In general, everything ends on the pluses described above. ❗️ Weak battery, very straight. Although, on the day of the parties, it will pull to take a picture, but for video recording you need to take a reserve. I bought a USB charger and 3 batteries for it, since I sold the old charger, so it almost went to zero. ❗️ Videos without zoom are very weak (as if in 720p), it is desirable to shoot on it only distant and zoomed objects. ❗️ Handbag is missing. I used from old headphones, although it is assembled without gaps, I don’t want to push dust into it by accident or somehow damage it. ❗️ No RAW, only jeep. ❗️It takes a lot of getting used to shooting on different presets. ❗️Automatic mode is not always the best, on the contrary. We must learn to feel it in all modes and understand which one is more suitable for a specific frame. ❗️Of course, it makes noise in low light. ❗️ Focusing is not his strong point, it happens that you have to be patient while he adjusts. There is not enough sensor on the screen to show him what to focus on.