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Review on BenQ EW3280U Entertainment Connectivity Speakers 3841X2160, High Dynamic Range, by Sergio Wood

Revainrating 4 out of 5


UPDATE October 8, 2021: Another replacement is in the works. I've upgraded to four stars solely because of BenQ's fantastic customer service. One star deducted for quality control. It looks like there are a few more lemons than usual. Love your monitor, but hate the hassle and time of replacing it when it fails. This will be my third. First, a crack appeared in the speakers in the right channel along with distortion. Second, the monitor worked great for months until I turned it on and all I got was the power LED blinking. We'll see how the third one turns out. UPDATE September 18, 2021: The replacement arrived on July 9 but failed today. The monitor's power LED is blinking, but there is no picture, logo, etc. Am I just unlucky or what? Let's see what the support team does this time. In the meantime, up to two stars while this is resolved. UPDATE 27 Jun 21: BenQ customer service sent another replacement after admitting the previously sent one was lost in transit. Customer service handled this very sensibly, which is why I added another star. Hope this gets to me soon! Update 06/20/2021: Still waiting for replacement from BenQ. It was sent on May 11th and got stuck somewhere in the USPS system. Can't fault BenQ for this, they did their part by sending a replacement. I'll update again if the status changes, but for now I'll leave it at three stars. May 3, 2021 Update: Upgraded from 1 to 3 stars. Support sent me an invoice to return the monitor. Let's see what they do when they get him back. Will they fix? Will they send you an "upgraded or refurbished" monitor? Will they send a new monitor? Will they refund my money instead? The ball is back with them. Let's see how they play it. Update April 28, 2021: Received an email from customer service more than a week ago that they are checking their logistics department but haven't received anything since. I just emailed you another status request. Why doesn't Revain offer a zero star selection? Update 04/16/2021: After a few emails to support I just deducted another star in my rating. At first it seemed like they would issue a prepaid label to send the monitor back. I received a message today that they cannot support my US military APO shipping address. Both FEDEX, UPS, and the US Postal Service offer domestic shipping options for APO addresses. It's not that BenQ "can't" but that they "don't choose" to support troops with APO addresses. I would like to add that Revain shipped this monitor to me via US mail and it arrived at my APO office within 7 days. Adding BenQ to Do Not Buy list refusing to support US APO address. I have provided BenQ with information on sending and receiving items from APO addresses. Let's see how they react. The video on this monitor is fantastic. The selection of inputs is large. The power delivery is amazing. The weekly link is audio. At first the speakers worked perfectly, then after about 3 months the right speaker started cracking and warping. Today the volume level of the right speaker has dropped significantly compared to the left speaker. I wonder how quickly other electronics start to fail. My recommendation is to look elsewhere. I can update this after contacting support but they don't seem to be responding to emails.

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  • It has worked well so far. After 3 months of use, mainly for work, a flashing white light appeared.

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