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Review on πŸ”Š Adam T7V Black Hollow Speaker System by Kio Voltero Webb

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The ratio of price and quality is very pleasing, I will repeat the purchase.

the sound is very dependent on the location, size of the room and its finishes. these are not empty words. Acoustic finishing - these are measures related primarily to the fight against low-frequency waves, and only then with other parts of the spectrum. put at least a couple of bass traps, mids and trebles are much easier to correct (if necessary at all), I didn’t need it with the focusrite solo card, the flight is excellent, the connection is ONLY balanced (well, seriously, what did you buy?). sometimes I put on my sony mdr 7506 headphones in parallel, then I take it off and the difference in sound is what is there, what is not felt there. noises are heard at a distance of ~ 50 cm, I sit at 140 cm and everything is fine. if you decide to get speakers for work, then this is a must-have, you can even just watch movies and listen to music on them, and not mix the sound is powerful not only in the panorama, but also in other points. I don’t advise you to pile on them to the maximum - even if it seems to you that IT WOULD NOT BE LOUD AT ALL, then other people can tell you something that will not please you)

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  • monitors for their price tag (important - not 2022!) are excellent. better than krk, focal, presonus and many others, in my opinion - I got sick of everyone in the music store, but I listened to a lot of vendors. low work out with a bang, high - above all praise. concise and small in size for sevens. from long work and listening to music you do not get tired. in the first days of purchase, I listened for 8-10 hours without interruption for almost
  • yes, it's not AH. and even more so, not S. and not three stripes. but when you switch from other systems, even which you considered top-end, you want to forget the past, like a bad dream. there are small problems in the lower midrange, but this is most likely my jamb, because in the store in the prepared room everything sounded crystal. the rear phaser also adds problems, as does turning the speakers on / off. small adjustment for the room - for bass -2 dB right back to back