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Review on Comfortable And Supportive Layering Cami With Built-In Bra For Women - Emmalise by Billy Mariner

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I am totally hooked on these Emmalise camisoles with the bralettes inside.

Yes, I purchased more Emmalise Women Camisole Built in Bra.I am totally hooked on these Emmalise camisoles with the bralettes inside.I wear these camisoles instead of bras. The Emmalise camisoles are so comfortable, MUCH more comfortable than bras. And much easier for me to put on. (I have severe back pain, which limits my upper body movements.)I wear them under shirts, under sweaters, and by themselves. (I haven't worn a bra in years.)There are enough colors of these Emmalise camisoles, neutral, pastel, and bright, to go with everything in my closet.The size Large fits me well. It hugs my "girls", is just loose enough to be comfortable everywhere else, and is the length I prefer. (The size Large ends at my hips.) For reference, I am 5'8", 150 lbs, and if I wore a bra, I think it would be a C cup. A size Medium camisole would be too small for my "girls".I usually purchase the multi packs, unless there's a color I need that isn't included in a multi pack. The Emmalise camisoles are less expensive when I purchase multi packs.This time I purchased the 2pack with the red and the royal blue camisoles. I needed those particular colors.These Emmalise camisoles wash well, over and over. I wash them in a net bag, cold water, gentle cycle, and air dry them. (Tip: never use the dryer for clothing. The dryer will shrink, fade, and sometimes shred, your clothing. Your clothing will not last as long. Save the dryer for sheets and towels.)These days, I am all about comfort and color. The Emmalise camisoles with the built in bralettes fit the bill perfectly. I highly recommend them.

  • Perfect for layering under sheer tops
  • The cami is not suitable for high-impact workouts