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Review on 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Wash by Dr. Song: Face and Body Wash for Acne (4oz) by Janet Bartling

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Works really well if you're busy

This is amazing. However, you can't get enough of it or you won't see quick results. I am male, almost 30 years old and have had relatively clear skin since my school days. I've had a weird flare up of acne recently, don't really understand why, maybe stress. I bought the dr. Songs and used it twice a day, morning and evening. I rubbed it gently over my face, then washed it off and patted (not wiped) dry. Do this in a shirtless sink or in the shower as this can bleach your clothes and hair. Soap also dries out your hands since you use it to clean your face so you can enjoy a little hand lotion from time to time. It will also dry out your lips, so lip balm is fine too. I also rinsed my face once a day at work between washes with Dr. Song to keep dirt and grease off my face. Within a few weeks my acne was almost completely gone, or a few faint ones. Just don't choose while you do it!

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