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Review on Stay Fashionable And Visible With Divoom'S LED Sling Bag - Perfect For Your Active Lifestyle! by Dave Tapia

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A Real Stand Out best in my review

This thing really stands out in a crowd, it grabs all the attention. I can't say how many times I have been stopped and asked about this thing already. I promise you will get all sorts of compliments when wearing this out. The LCD screen is really cool, and the app has a really good community creating new artwork to display. The app is what really sold it for me, not only can you create your own but there are tons of people who put out some really amazing stuff. The bag itself is really good quality and actually feels fairly premium. Plenty of storage and very sturdy clips and zippers. I would classify this more as a large fanny pack then a full sling bag though. You aren't going to get a laptop of a full-size iPad in this thing. You may be able to get an iPad mini or something like that. Just something to be aware of before ordering. I also noticed one of my battery packs wouldn't work with this, it would turn on but then the battery pack would go into sleep mode because the power draw was too low it wasn't being detected. This isn't a fault of the bag but if you are having issues then I would try a different battery pack, I found my cheaper ones worked well with this bag. The battery packs last a really long time with this bag so I wouldn't bother getting a really large one. I use a small flat 5,000mah battery pack and it easily will last multiple nights of use without needing a charge. With how much I really like this bag I think I may end up getting the backpack to go along with it. The only few small things I hope they can add on future products is It would be nice to have an on of switch or dial. It's a little annoying to have to open it up and unplug your battery back for it to shut off. They have a little Divoom button that easily could have doubled as an on off switch. Also, maybe in the future they could do a 32x32 lcd screen so you could do even more detailed animations. Also, an even larger size like and XL sling bag would be awesome too. I am really happy with the Divoom products I have gotten so far, and I am now hooked and plan to get more.

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  • Easy to wear or off - Designed with the adjustable shoulder strap and you can carry it on your shoulder or around your waist. The strap fastener has a really strong magnet that fix the sling pack firmly. While the buckle is easy to take off when you pull the rope on the buckle.
  • The bag may be too trendy and quickly go out of fashion