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Review on Contigo West Loop AutoSeal 20 oz Matte Black Travel Mug: Double Wall Insulated Excellence by Celina Ddzik ᠌

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It cant be worse! A waste of money.

Bottom line: value for money - disgusting. For 2500+ it should be MUCH better. And in the end you pay for the brand's show-offs, which in fact are absolutely unfounded - the workmanship is disgusting, the engineering is terrible, in addition to that, an absolutely bestial and indifferent atude towards the client! If you use a mug every day and are not ready to buy a new one once a year, I don’t recommend it, and even if not so often, I can recommend buying Contigo products only to enemies and lovers of masochism. It is quite obvious that the reviews on their products are either faked, or from those who used the mug a couple of times and put it on the far shelf.

  • 1. The steel is good, rather tough (withstood serious falls from the heels, but only small dents remain), inside the flask it is very easy to clean. 2. Convenient liquid supply system - the fuse and opening valve are switched with one hand, you can drink even on the go. 3. The design of the lock and the cover as a whole is quite reliable, if not for one "but" .
  • 1. The quality of the paint job . The Chinese from alishka paint their mugs better. The photo shows the curve of the factory paintwork, plus the paint is scratched, erased and flies off for one or two, so if you plan to purchase this device for its appearance, take a strictly steel version without painting, or forget about the crooked Contigo crafts. 2. The quality of heat preservation is disgusting - in a jacket pocket for a two-hour walk with a child in winter at -10 . -15, the coffee is already cold. Moreover, the problem is in the lid - it is single-layer and very thin - after pouring a hot drink, it is very warm and the whole body instantly leaves through it, while the flask itself is cold. 3. . and despite the conditionally reliable mechanism - the used silicone stopper of the drinking hole, with constant use, is overgrown with some kind of garbage and deformed, as a result, the mug starts to leak. 4. DISGUSTING, SIMPLY BEASTAL atude of the Contigo company to its customers. - The manufacturer basically does not want to produce spare parts for their products, as a result, instead of replacing the penny silicone sealant that closes the drinking hole, they offer me to buy a new mug. Do you know why? ) - Because the guarantee only applies to what was sold from their website. If you bought a mug elsewhere, then you simply do not have a guarantee.