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Review on Acer KG271 Bmiix FREESYNC Technology 1920X1080P, 75Hz, Tilt Adjustment, by Justin Kaos

flickering, eye pain and headache. AVOID!

I bought this display on Prime Day for $104.99 but am now returning it. I only tested it for a few hours, but that was enough to make sure I didn't need it. There are two major problems with this display. Firstly, I'm not entirely sure why, but my eyes hurt and my head is starting to hurt after using this screen for about half an hour. When I noticed that my eyes were starting to hurt, I turned it off for a while, and when my eyes recovered I tried to fix the situation by adjusting the color, contrast, and brightness settings on the display. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem. I also tested the game with multiple games and noticed a noticeable flickering behind images that I've never seen before. I've used a 32" 1080p IPS TV and an old 22" 1440x900 TN display for the past few years and have never noticed this issue when playing on it. A slight flickering can also be seen on websites if you look closely, but the flickering is much less noticeable here. I don't think it's enough to bother anyone on the internet, but it definitely looked awful in games. The loudspeakers built into this monitor are also complete junk. They're not very loud even at maximum volume, and there's noticeable distortion and echoes when using the speakers. The display menus are well thought out, the display itself looks nice and was easy to assemble, but unfortunately these factors cannot compensate for the poor quality of the hardware used in building the panel. ------------ ----- -Update------------ --------- In response to the comments on this review, I thought , I should leave some details. My brother bought two of these displays so I can say with certainty that the one I received was not defective. After looking into this, I noticed the same issues and couldn't adjust the settings to fix the problem. However, he keeps both devices while I return mine for a full refund. Maybe this display just wasn't well suited for what I was using it for. I planned to use the display mainly for work, but also for gaming on the side. I believe that the eye strain actually comes from reading text on the screen and not so much from gaming. For gaming, I tested the following and got the following results. Shogun II: Total War = Terrible flickering, worse than I've ever seen. Rome II: Total War = moderate flickering Tomb Raider (2012) = no/hardly noticeable screen flickering. Fallout 4 = moderate flickering Bioshock 2 Remastered = slight flickering, slight enough to be ignored. The flickering also bothered me more than some as the main display I used previously was IPS based and had no flickering. My brother doesn't play any different games than I do, and while I could see some flickering on the screen while watching him, it didn't bother him because his old display was also flickering. I probably would have kept it despite the flicker, although it bothered me, but after a few hours the eyes got too strong and I knew it wasn't going to work for me. Your results may vary.

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Pros & cons

  • ‎1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Low maintainability

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