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Review on πŸ“· Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Home Camera: 1080p HD Security Camera with Night Vision, Motion Detection, and Alexa & Google Home Compatibility by Angela Rodriguez

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24/7 video surveillance in my apartment

Good afternoon dear readers of my reviews. Today I want to leave my review about the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 surveillance camera. I have been looking for a camera for a long time that would shoot what is happening in my apartment when I am not at home and I chose this camera. This camera cost me 2590 rubles. This camera is quite small, in the form of a ball on a stand and its weight is only 310 grams. The stand has a RESET button and a Micro-USB port. It was sold packed in a cardboard box, which shows the camera itself and the necessary information, the box also included a mount, a power cable and a manual for installing the camera. The manual for it is in several languages, including Russian. Unfortunately, the power cable that came with this camera is only two meters long. It was not enough for me to connect the camera in the place where I wanted, in connection with this I bought the same cable, only longer. The husband fixed the camera, using the supplied mount, on the ceiling. Next, we plan to make a stretch ceiling and we will have to make a special shelf for the camera. This camera connects to Wi-Fi, so it does not need to pull an additional cable with the Internet. In order for the camera to work and I could control it, I had to install the Mi Home program on my phone. In which I chose my camera and installed it quite simply. I want to note that this program is installed only on the Android system, but on my computer I have Windows and unfortunately I cannot install it on it. This camera has a blue light next to the camera eye that can be turned off. Also, through this camera, you can hear what is happening at the moment in the room or even talk, because there is a speaker with a microphone on the back of the camera. Using the joystick, you can control the camera to the right, left 360 degrees, as well as up and down 110 degrees. Thanks to the Mi Home program on my phone, I set up a camera that she writes when there is any movement in my hallway. Unfortunately, for this I had to buy and install a MicroSD card into it, on which the camera writes, because it was not in my kit. This is how I see my hallway thanks to this camera on my phone in the light, and here it is in the dark. Even in complete darkness, the image in the camera is still good due to the fact that it has an infrared camera. When motion is detected in the camera's view area, it starts recording and sends a notification to the phone. I will definitely recommend this camera to you, because I think that for the safety of my apartment, this camera suits me very much. Thank you for your attention to my review.

img 1 attached to πŸ“· Kasa Indoor Pan/Tilt Smart Home Camera: 1080p HD Security Camera with Night Vision, Motion Detection, and Alexa & Google Home Compatibility review by Angela Rodriguez


  • Price, easy to set up, convenient to use from your phone
  • Can't connect to third party software other than Mi Home

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