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Review on πŸ‘Ÿ PUMA Fraction Running Shoes - Men's Black and White Athletic Footwear by Ricardo Thotti

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A worthy evolution of the R698 sneaker line.

First of all, you should know that you are buying running shoes with R78, Cell Fraction or even R698. As such, they're engineered to be extremely light, have maximum cushioning, and wear out very quickly (enough strength to hold together as long as the foam padding doesn't wear down from repeated impacts). So anyone who says "they didn't last long" doesn't know what they're talking about. Running shoes SHOULD NOT last long because of their definition and design. Nonetheless. Maybe you're like me and just walk/jog a lot to get some exercise and want something comfortable. In that case, keep in mind that while the R78 is an all-purpose shoe (it has the usual build quality but the same cushioning with Cell Tech technology), the Cell Factor takes the design further. The shoe's upper is a see-through mesh, which is a step away from having no upper at all. That said, I expect them to wear out even quicker than the R78, but oh my god these shoes are breathable. If you struggle with hot sweaty feet in summer but don't have the ankles for your daily walks in sandals, these shoes are AMAZING. push to the limit. To the next step. next development. So. Yes, these are good shoes for walking and running. But for long-term regular use? No. That's not what they're here for. For work? Camp? basketball courts? do you work No no no! These are RUNNING SHOES, not running shoes, basketball shoes, work shoes, etc. But yes, this is PUMA, and PUMA means GORGEOUS shoes, which are damn comfortable if you have the right shoe shape. As for me, I have wide flat feet and almost nothing but PUMA. Most of my PUMA shoes are stunningly beautiful. In her case, yes, there are some great shoes. They tend to be more expensive. You can get them cheap, but only if you buy the most basic models during sales. If you want beautiful shoes and don't care about anything else, buy the style you like and wear them infrequently. If you want something for regular exercise, buy the cheapest you can get, throw it in the trash after it wears out, and go for a simple design. Just make sure you buy the right shoes for the right use. These are not "support shoes" but cushioned shoes designed for walking/running/running in a straight line. Walking/running in them is like shoes with feathers. Enjoy.

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  • MΓ­ pie es bastante ancho y siempre tengo Problemas con el adjuste en la punta. Pero estos me quedan perfectos.
  • The PUMA Men's Cell Fraction running shoes may not be suitable for people with wide feet due to their narrow fit.