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Review on Acer Monitor FreeSync Technology ZeroFrame 23.8", 165Hz, Tilt Adjustment, ‎UM.QX1AA.S01 by Kevin Mariappan

Ideal for eye problems/headaches

I've already written 2 reviews that were eaten and unpublished by Vapor Monster, so I'll be brief. I love this monitor and to be honest I'm completely blown away. I suffer from severe occipital migraines and a lot of eye problems which is why I hardly go online anymore. I have changed 4 monitors in the last 7 years and even bought a special $$ monitor recommended by the Epilepsy Foundation which has a built in blue screen filter. And I am using an application which is a blue screen filter. And I'm wearing yellow industrial sunglasses. Result? I have no idea what colors I'm looking at, I look stupid and all I did was fiddle with the controls. None of that helped. I was about to give up but figured I'd buy a new monitor and see how it goes. This monitor was a great price and I've been very happy with previous Acer products so I bought it. I sat with my mouth open for about 40 minutes and plugged in this monitor. That's nice. Crisp, razor sharp and most importantly, the controls to change the brightness/contrast/and everything else are SO easy and intuitive. Even better, this monitor has a FAST refresh rate (I have a 120 refresh rate), which is key to reducing eye strain and headaches. (Most monitors fix you at 60, which is the *exact* refresh rate that causes epileptic seizures and other brain/neurological problems - even nausea or palpitations when watching movies or playing games.) There are plenty of gaming options. , color options, calibration. I'm sure other reviewers have covered all of this, so I won't. I do a lot of photography work and I love looking at other people's drawings and photos - on this monitor I see details of things that I swear weren't there. I could do a lot more and I can read texts much better. I also like that I can change the screen resolution as frequent eye movement causes problems so I don't need that big of a screen, but in the past when I tried to change it the pages didn't render. Good. The text dissolved, shrank to the size of an ant, or I just couldn't. I didn't even have a problem setting it to 800x600 even though I have it higher. I also like that the black frame surrounding the screen is a bit wider than most, making it perfect for notes, reminders, and Hello Kitty stickers (no computer can match without them). It's just amazing, I highly recommend it.

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Pros & cons

  • Compatible with VESA mount (100 x 100 mm) | Ergonomic tilt: -5° to 15°
  • Nothing at all

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