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Finger Rings Strictly For Beauty And Fashion

So a while back specifically about a year ago, I got myself a couple of metallic silver finger rings, to enhance my jewelry collection. I had gotten the quite cheap when I happened to pas through a market. I particularly like silver because it matches my skin tone. Whenever I buy jewelry for myself I always go for something that is made of metal, because metals are resistant to rust.

The rings I purchased were the right fit for my fingers and not too tight or uncomfortable. It also felt cool against my skin, and unlike some other jewelries sold out there, these rings did not cause a reaction on my skin. Jewelries are good and help to make the wearer more attractive or appealing. Jewelries also enhance fashion styles.

I like fashion very much so, I acquire pieces whenever I can.

However the funny thing about wearing rings on your fingers as a young person is that it will attract attention. In Africa it is quite common to see only married people with rings on their index fingers although that is now changing. One particular day I went out with these rings on my fingers and people were staring at my hand.

They probably thought I was engaged or even married and I had to explain to them that it was just a fashion ring.😂This is why I like rings as well as other fashion jewelries. Much of fashion items are easily available to anyone who wants them. My advice is to do your research on the type of ring that fit your personality and you as a person.

You could consider getting some rings for yourself and see how well you like them. You can use them to enhance your fashion taste and style.

Pros & cons

  • Rings enhance fashion taste and style
  • Metallic rings are rust resistant
  • They fit perfectly
  • Cheap prices
  • None so far