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Review on ASUS VZ239H W 1080P Monitor White 60Hz, Blue Light Filter, ‎VZ239H-W by Mike Morton

The monitor is excellent for basic use.

I got this monitor to match my ASUS Zenbook laptop and it suits my needs perfectly. I just needed a bigger screen to use large window software like DAWS (Pro Tools etc) and create other content (digital art). I play games occasionally, but mostly RPGs, and I don't need high framerates or competitive online play. To me, this monitor looks incredible with graphics, amazing settings, and built-in technologies like ACSR (ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio) and Vivid Pixel modes. I tested some HD video at 60Hz and thanks to the Trace Free mode setting the monitor has a great smooth refresh rate with no ghosting. My games look fantastic and the monitor has accurate colors and good brightness. As for the monitor, I have one thing to point out to buyers: when I opened the box, I thought my product came defective because the stand hinge was pushed all the way in. to pack forward and felt like it was stuck. I was afraid of tipping the monitor up because it looked like the thin frame might break, but I found that many people on the internet had the same experience and I assure you that with some force you can Monitor stands could just pull out. and after that very easy to adjust and tilt. It's probably just a locking mechanism. If you are looking for a monitor for gaming, you should not look at this product. Find a monitor with G-Sync/Freesync and a good TN or VA panel for better and faster refresh rates and response times. If you are looking for a monitor with a good size and color fidelity for multimedia use, this is a good fit due to its price and high quality. If you're looking for a monitor for content creation, you could probably find a monitor with higher sRGB rendering, but I think this one looks good and has plenty of settings to tweak in the OSD. The monitor has built-in speakers, but they are no better than conventional cell phone woofers. That's enough for listening to simple videos, but of course not for music and the like. Nice addition, but to be honest I won't use it. This is my first ASUS monitor purchase and I am very impressed and happy with it.

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Pros & cons

  • ‎VZ239H-W
  • The monitor only works in black and white mode.

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