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Review on Wireless Headphones JBL Live 650BTNC, white by Agata Uchman ᠌

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A valuable purchase, some advantages!

There are no particular complaints about the quality of materials, but a certain compromise is felt - the matte plastic of the bowl will rub over and shine over time, and the glossy JBL inscription is already covered with fingerprints. In terms of sound, it is not bad for an unpretentious listener. With active noise reduction turned off, the sound is flat, but when ANC is turned on, the sound picture improves somewhat - both low frequencies appear and mids are drawn. Those accustomed to deep bass will miss them; besides, if you set the equalizer to increase the low frequencies, the headphones begin to choke. Noise reduction (ShP). Subjectively, passive SHP is not enough - with the headphones turned off, all the sounds around are clearly audible. Active NR reduces the impact of external monotonous noise - a washing machine or vacuum cleaner, for example, is no longer so noticeable; but conversations and screams are still audible. Not to say that it's annoying, but without music and with the included SR, the noise of the ANC operation is heard.

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  • - sound; - noise suppression; - quality of materials; - simultaneous bluetooth connection with two devices; - wearing comfort; - carrying case; - integration with google assistant (if you learn how to use it and once again do not touch the touch surface of the left earcup); - control of headphone functions through a proprietary application (charge level; enable / disable ANC, voice assistant; equalizer); - full-size headphones that completely hide the ears; - are friends with the phone; - no pressure on the ears (subjectively).
  • - when ANC is off, the sound is flat; - slight ANC whistle when enabled (noticeable in quiet environments) - passive soundproofing is not enough (compared with Sony, but those are more expensive and heavier); - the headband is soft, the fit to the ears is not tight (but they do not press); - a simple cloth case (competitors have a plastic case); - mobile application for headphones sometimes does not connect with them; - they are not good friends with Skype on the computer (there is no sound from the headphones, then the sound quality drops sharply); - someone will not have enough bass.

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