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Review on Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB MMO Gaming Mouse - 🖱️ 16000 DPI Optical Sensor, 12 Programmable Buttons - Yellow (Model: CH-9304011-NA) by Ojasvi Shahas ᠌

Revainrating 2 out of 5

The product disappointed, does not meet the promises.

- For 2 years of use, scuffs appeared on the side buttons, gradually erasing the paint. On the network I saw a reviewer from whom she generally got off and the buttons are transparent. - The elastic under the little finger and ring finger does not help tenacity, but rather slips. Ambiguities: +- Cord: Rigid, springy. Ideal for holder. However, I like it better when the wire is soft and pliable. Here it is literally felt in the game. +- Weight: Mouse heavy 150g. At the time of purchase, I sincerely wanted this because "weight is reliability." However, now the fashion for light mice. My new Razer Naga weighs 85g and I quickly got used to feeling the uncomfortable weight of the Corsair in direct comparison. However, I am sure that this is a purely comparative psychological aspect and I have never felt discomfort in the game. On the contrary, now I play at an even lower sense to level out the lightness. Comment: Unfortunately, does not have a separate section for my mouse. There is this really live thread (that's why I'm writing under it) and a couple of lots of an ated version of the mouse - RGB ELITE, but the discussion is still dead there. Although the problems should be the same, since according to the specifications only the optical sensor was replaced with an even cooler PixArt 3391, and the wheel encoder is still cheap. If you read local reviews, then there were suggestions that everything is different in the PRO version of the mouse, the materials are better, more durable and feel different, however, as you can understand from this review, this is not the case. In the mouse, I am extremely disappointed and do not advise anyone to buy. The saddest thing in this story is that when I bought it on the market there was a scattering of unsold MMO mice from many times, like Roccat Nith, SteelSeries rival 500. But for some reason I preferred Corsair, because I trusted the manufacturer of really good components. But he failed. Then I would not have looked at Razer, given the rumors about it, but now I almost pray that it turns out to be good, since there are no other options left so that the buttons are pleasant and the sensor is not office but top-end. The mouse is a disappointment!

img 1 attached to Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB MMO Gaming Mouse - 🖱️ 16000 DPI Optical Sensor, 12 Programmable Buttons - Yellow (Model: CH-9304011-NA) review by Ojasvi Shahas ᠌
img 2 attached to Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB MMO Gaming Mouse - 🖱️ 16000 DPI Optical Sensor, 12 Programmable Buttons - Yellow (Model: CH-9304011-NA) review by Ojasvi Shahas ᠌
img 3 attached to Corsair Scimitar Pro RGB MMO Gaming Mouse - 🖱️ 16000 DPI Optical Sensor, 12 Programmable Buttons - Yellow (Model: CH-9304011-NA) review by Ojasvi Shahas ᠌

  • Contrary to my very low assessment, it’s hard not to admit that the mouse has advantages, it’s not for nothing that it often flickers in different tops of the best MMO mice, which is why it consistently remains one of the few in this segment on the market when others have died. However, before I list the pros, I will mention that I used a more expensive version - SCIMITAR PRO RGB, which has the top PixArt 3367 optical sensor at the time of its release, against an unknown sensor in the usual SCIMITAR RGB. Also for the PRO version, certain quality Omron switches are mentioned against unknowns; it is said that it has the best body materials, lighting and assembly. However, in reality, there is hardly a special difference, given that the problems of the mice are the same in the end, but let's move on to the pluses: + Sensor: I switched from a cheap A4tech X7 mouse, which served me for 7 years. And it seems that the brand is usually scolded, but you have to start somewhere, and it feels like everyone started with the X7 - already a legend, not to mention such a durable work. However, after it, the PixArt 3367 sensor was truly amazing. This is an unbreakable FPS monster. You say additional buttons with macros - are these cheats? No, the cheat is a cool sensor. From a person who did not play shooters, I abruptly discovered this genre, especially in Overwatch, where I realized the full potential of the mouse from buttons for skills both in my favorite MOBAs and an unrealistic sensor, calmly playing in the range of 200-300dpi. +Case: He is really cool and justifies both the price tag and the description. And most importantly, it fits different grips. I could easily hold it with my claw in FPS, and then switch to a palm-finger grip when working with documents, modeling and in calm games. The buttons are in place and I was able to adjust so that I could comfortably reach each one in all grips, so the idea with the slider is probably justified. Although now I have a Razer naga and there the buttons are even more convenient, but there is no slider. Case materials are mostly pleasant. + Buttons: Distinct, tactile, distinguishable (except for the wheel). + Hands do not get tired for a long time.
  • However, all the merits of this truly ergonomically well-designed mouse are leveled by one thing - durability. Why you begin to notice other much less noticeable disadvantages. - Wheel: It failed me exactly a week after the end of the warranty period. Later, I read on the forum that in the mouse its encoder is generally cheap, because. is considered far from being the main one for gaming, so they saved money on it. Therefore, I was able to quickly spend his resource by getting carried away with modeling and starting to scale projects down. But damn, the already mentioned A4tech X7 was also not spared, and if not in modeling, then mercilessly scrolled the tape, just poked and mocked. This mouse even in the desert was in zoological practice and everything is ok. Like her wheel. And this is for a little over 1000. When buying a mouse of the highest price segment (and for a wired mouse 7000 or more, this is the highest price segment), I just want the manufacturer not to save on penny materials, such as a wheel encoder. And here it doesn’t matter that “it’s playable, the wheel is not needed.” Honestly, I'm disappointed in Corsair. By the way, multi-button mice are often taken for design. Yes, even if it’s really not needed anywhere, quality should be behind the price, otherwise what’s the point of a beautiful brand logo. About the wheel itself. Unlike buttons, its click is tight, and at the same time indistinguishable and indistinct. The move is blurry and you don't always feel the step. Sometimes it mechanically literally slips. It turns out uneven. However, before the breakdown, I didn’t think about it, it scrolls, the weapon changes - and ok. - Legs: They are only one in the kit, given that the form is not standard and the prices could well have been put extra, and the cheap a4tech had them. Also, they are not made of pure white Teflon (like the new Razer), which is why they seem somehow plastic and sliding a little stuck in the carpet, but they show themselves well on the table and not on a fabric, plastic carpet - I used it that way. However, in this way they are very quickly polished, they try, they collect dirt at cosmic speed.

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