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Review on HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i wireless headphones, ceramic white by Yusri Mohd ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

I do not cease to rejoice at the purchase, a very good deal!

Considering that the coveted earpods cost 12 thousand more and I cannot be 100% sure that their quality is better than my headphones by as much as 12 thousand, then I do not regret the purchase.

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  • I love music, but I do not have too strict requirements for sound quality, like people who are heavily addicted, whose ears wither from mediocre sound. At least not when choosing these headphones. First of all, I chose a convenient device that will be in my ears all day and night (I exaggerate, but I really wear headphones a lot and sleep in them), will not be confused by wires and will be with a normal headset. The sound is normal, I listen to music, podcasts, I use it as a headset. Compared to the previous semi-wireless Sony, which could not be worn in one ear (fell off due to the weight of the plastic case on the connecting wire) and in which the headset was lower than the plinth (absolutely all interlocutors and absolutely always, even in a closed quiet room, complained about the quality sound), these headphones are very worthy. They do not fall out (the main thing is to insert them correctly) if they are not touched by something like a medical mask when you take it off, and problems with sound when making a phone call are rare, mostly on the street, especially in motion (due to wind and noise) . The minus of a short battery life (about 1.5 hours) is compensated by the fact that the earphone is charged in 15 minutes. I rarely wear both earbuds at once, so I rarely experience the problem when the earbuds are just right, but both are discharged and I have to wait 15 minutes. I really like the case, the softness of opening/closing and the fact that the earphone can be easily taken out of the case with one hand without taking the other hand off YouTube scrolling in search of an interesting video😁 M - multitasking. The case body is quite resistant to scratches. I'm not frugal, the case is lying in the bag along with the keys and other small things, it still looks good.
  • Probably, the price of savings (the second option considered was new vacuum er pumps for 20K+) - stability of work. In the first month, everything was perfect, with an iPhone and a laptop, the headphones connected with a bang immediately when the earpiece was stuck in the ear. After a few months, I began to suffer from constant problems associated with the fact that I usually wear only one earpiece. When, in the process of listening to audio, I want to change the headphones or insert both at once, the second earphone does not work if I just take it out of the case and insert it into my ear. In order for the second earphone to work, you have to take out the first one, put both in the case, close the case, wait 1-2 seconds and then insert it again. The problem occurs when using the headphones in any order. That is, this is not a problem of one earphone, but of the whole pair.

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July 13, 2023
Has some pros The sound is strong 4, the noise reduction works, an excellent microphone (for 3 months there were no situations when the interlocutor did not understand me). With its cons. You need to get used to the touch switch panel, the battery would be bigger, and there would be no price.