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Review on Rowenta Travel Ready 1000 Watt Stainless Soleplate by Carla Anderson

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Rowenta Travel Small but acts like an adult - my review about it

The need for such an ironing has been long overdue for me. During long trips and on vacation I constantly encounter the problem of crumpled things. It seems that I take with me to a minimum and mostly non-wrinkling things, but I still have to remember about the iron often. In hotels, as a rule, ironing facilities in the room are rare, so this summer a wonderful Rowenta First Class iron was purchased. The iron was looked after in Cologne, the manufacturer is China, for the holding of the SEB Group. Externally, the iron has a nice design. The handle is foldable, securely fixed and comfortable in the hand. The PUSH button for folding the handle is located on the back surface, it does not interfere during ironing and cannot be touched by accident. There is a button for switching the power supply from the mains from 120 to 240 V. When traveling, this is a necessary function; when changing the voltage, you do not need to carry special adapters with you. The soleplate of the iron is made of stainless steel, marked with the Microstem 200 badge. You can iron with this iron using the functions: constant steam, steam boost (vertical steam) and dry ironing. The control is carried out using a thermostat - mode switch: synthetics, linen-cotton, silk-wool. Despite its miniature size, the iron is quite competitive with its older brothers. Irons well, the sole glides easily, nothing sticks to it. The spout of the iron has a specially elongated shape, which allows you to smooth out the most complex curves and details. For example, a placket with buttons on men's shirts. The vertical steam function allows you to instantly tidy up silk and woolen items. That's what I like the most about him. Vertical steaming is carried out using holes on the soleplate of the iron, there are about 200 of them. Water is poured through the hole in the handle of the iron, which is closed with a silicone valve. It is better to do this with a special measuring cup. At first it was unusual that the iron did not have a light signal, as on large irons, showing the degree of heating of the iron. But then it turned out that this was not necessary. The iron heats up instantly, and the steam function works in just a few seconds. This iron can also be ironed in the dry ironing mode, and no steam is used. To do this, there is a switch button on the side of the iron. This ironing is good to use when you need to iron very thin fabrics. The length of the cord is 195 cm, which is quite enough for comfortable ironing with this iron. The iron weighs only 750 grams and, due to its weight and dimensions, it fits easily into any bag or suitcase. Plus, it has a special bag-case with a convenient lock, which provides protection and prevents the steel surface from coming into contact with other things. I have not been using my iron for such a long time to conclude that it is reliable. So far, it works well and suits everything, and then we'll see how long it lasts.

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  • Compact, foldable handle, vertical steam function
  • No auto-off feature

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