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Review on Smartphone HUAWEI Mate 20 Pro 6/128 GB, Dual nano SIM, black by Nikifor Stoilov ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best price for this product, will buy more!

An excellent device for those who want to get the most out of their phone's camera and like to capture everything they meet along the way. A very rich pre-order set - FreeBuds smartwatch and headphones as a gift: generous.

Updated 10 months ago
Rating has not been changed

As promised, I have included some photos to give a visual of my experience.


  • 1) Great screen (but see disadvantages). Very bright, cold colors. Personally, I use the built-in "Eye Protection" mode, it makes the colors warmer. 2) An excellent camera (see examples) with a bunch of modes for those who don't have enough built-in artificial intelligence. In addition, there is a mode for shooting a series of photos (up to 100 pieces) while holding the shutter. The zoom works great, in good weather you can get good pictures even with a 10x zoom (on the pictures from the camera you can even read small inscriptions that you yourself can only see when you come close), but more often you still have to work with a 2-5x zoom . Background blur works great for portraits and isolated subjects. 3) Very fast charging from native charger and longer battery life. Not as big as they say - I don’t have enough for 2 full days, this may be due to the fact that so far I pick it up very often, until I get bored. 4) Good face recognition for unlocking 5) Convenient size of the phone itself: narrow enough to hold with one hand + it is possible to turn on the mode for one hand, when it becomes easy to reach even the top elements on the screen 6) Good equipment: a case and an adapter for 3.5 mm, among other things, are excellent. 7) Pleasant little things built into the firmware - an easy way to take screenshots and even "long" screenshots in several screens, record video from the screen. Decrease the volume of the ringer and alarm when you take the phone in your hand. 8) The sound from the stereo speakers is good and quite loud. 9) If suddenly it is important for someone else on flagships - it works very quickly, there are no delays even close.
  • 1) A curved screen is not as comfortable as a flat one. There are no accidental clicks, but on the other hand, it glares quite strongly on the folds. This is especially noticeable in a room with lamps on the ceiling. 2) The fingerprint scanner built into the screen is not so convenient. Often it is not possible to get into it the first time - you need to get used to it for more than a week obviously. Works longer than a conventional fingerprint scanner. 3) Raw firmware. First Huawei phone running Android 9. The Camera app sometimes crashes when shooting with a wide-angle lens. Happened already 3 times in a week - unpleasantly. In order for the camera to work again, you need to call the manager of running applications and swipe the camera from there, after which it will start normally. The standard launcher is inconvenient, and all third-party ones have the problem of switching running applications - you cannot call the application by clicking on its edge, as well as while scrolling windows. Only when you need the application is in the center of the screen, then you can open it - it's sad, I'm waiting for ates. 4) Without a case, the phone is quite slippery, even if you take the green color with a special glass on the back. Due to the rounded screen, it will still try to fall out. Be careful.

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