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Review on Lulu by Regina M_va

Lulu is a great chance for authors and a great store for readers

Dear readers, today I have decided to share with you some interesting information about a bookstore called Lulu. I really love reading books and I am always happy to find good bookstores where I can find many interesting and exciting books. This store attracted me because here you yourself can create your own book and publish without any difficulties. Therefore, the goal of Lulu's store is not only to sell books, but also to print, publish and distribute them so that as many people as possible know about this store. Unfortunately, this store may not be for everyone, as only 5 languages ​​are available on their site: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Lulu is widely distributed in 225 countries. I really liked that on the main page they have introductory characteristics, which help us understand how we can use this site for our own purposes. For example, if you want to publish a book and don't know how to do this, then you are able to simply click on the free resources and tools box to learn how to get started with self-publishing and print-on-demand. If you are simply interested in finding a good interesting book to read, there is a very wide variety of wonderful colorful books and magazines here, so I'm sure you will find something for yourself to your liking. Also, I was very attracted by the gorgeous calendars with different animals already by 2022. I want to note that here you will find not only books for adults but also for children. And the books are very colorful that immediately catch your eye and you want to read them. I can highlight several books for children like Mae's Big Adventure, Archiesaurus, Where Hands Go, Richard and the Colorful Balloons, The Littlest Christmas Tree, I Did NOT Choose This Adventure and much more. Lulu has thought very well and worked out the details that an author may need when creating his book. Therefore, you will find over 3000 different combinations of format, size and color. When creating a book, you can choose the cover of the book in the form of matte or glossy, Hardcover Linen Wrap; Ebook Formats as in EPUB and PDF; Paper Types; Book Bindings which includes Paperback Perfect Bound (32-800 pages), Paperback Coil Bound (2-470 pages), Paperback Saddle Stitch (4-48 pages) and others; Product Types which differentiate as Print Book, Photo Book, Notebook, Calendar, Comic Book, Magazine, Ebook, Cookbook, Yearbook. Summing up, I can say that I have a fairly positive opinion about Lulu, and I can say with confidence if you are a creative person or just love to read, then use this site and enjoy your work and reading an interesting book.
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Pros & cons

  • Great possibilities for authors
  • a wide variety of books
  • you can create your own books
  • a huge selection of tools for creating a book
  • there is a department of books, comics for children
  • nothing