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Review on LG TONE Free HBS FN6 Microphones by Avut Prapratchob ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Excellent product, the best quality.

5. Software and application. Touch control is normal, on 4-, rarely does not work, it is configured in the application for itself. There are no false positives under the header. The sound transmission system through the microphones is cool, everything is really heard perfectly, you don’t have to take out the earpiece once again, but it’s strange to hear yourself into the microphone. When you pull out any earphone, playback stops, you can listen separately to the left or right. I liked the application, it's understandable and convenient, maybe it was worth modifying the equalizer a little, but I listened to the standard "scene". After the first connection, an ate immediately arrived. The message that came during media playback is read (it is also configured whether and which applications to read). 6. Microphones. 2 microphones on each earpiece. Normally I did not have time to test, I will add if necessary. 7. Competitors. I compared with Anker soundcore liberty air2 and Jabra 75T. I almost bought the first ones, but many people wrote that there are no compensation holes in them, because of which they create a strong vacuum in the ear and tension of the membrane goes on, the ears get tired, because of this he changed his mind. Jabra for the reason that it's impossible to listen only to the left earpiece (it's more comfortable for me), as well as a large number of reviews about the breakdown of the left earpiece. I bought it for a promotion for 6990, the price is justified, I'm not sure that I would risk buying the first headphones from lg for 10 thousand. And so well done lg, pleasantly surprised. By the way, a new model will be released soon with index 07, but there are not many changes. : Be sure to look at what codec they are connecting to, on samsung s10e by default sbc, the sound on it is bad. I switched it to aas using the developer menu, the difference is huge, there is an instruction on the network, it takes 5 minutes.

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  • 1. Sound. Feelings are personal, I liked the sound. I listen to vocal compositions more often. The sound is very clear, every instrument is heard clearly, drums, guitar, piano, wind instruments, vocals are excellent. The feeling of the stage and that you are at a live concert. The bass is not pronounced, soft and complementary, natural, I like it that way. Most likely, those who listen only to dance music will not have enough bass and pressure. I listen more often to other music, podcasts, watch youtube, the sound does not tire me when listening for a long time. Passive soundproofing is good, but here individually. 2. Comfort and wearing comfort. This factor was probably more important for me than the sound, other things being equal. I bought blindly and was worried about this aspect, because. the standard AKG headphones that came with the samsung s10 kept falling out of my ears. There are very few reviews on these headphones and it was hard to understand how they sit, relied on foreign reviews. So lg very pleasantly justified the hopes, they sat down perfectly, you don’t feel them at all, they don’t stick out, they don’t fall out during active movement, the ears don’t get tired and don’t sweat. There is some discomfort during active walking, but this is in any "plugs". Silicone ear pads are good. The hat is comfortable, does not press. 3. Appearance. Individually, I really liked it, stylish and concise. Plastic glossy, matte inserts. In the ears do not look bulky. 4. Case. When you open the box for the first time, you are surprised at how tiny the case is. Matte itself, without sharp edges, soft touch coating, very pleasant to hold in your hand. It is difficult to open with one hand. There is no backlash. 1 LED with a different glow color, depending on the remaining charge of the case. There is a blue LED inside the case, in the dark, and in general it burns nicely, but it has nothing to do with killing bacteria. A pair of windows located in the ear pad area when the headphones are in the case are responsible for the destruction of bacteria; Judging by the photo, they inspire confidence, if it really works, then ok. The magnets are good, the headphones do not fall out. Charges wirelessly. - Continued below.
  • 1. It is inconvenient to open the case with one hand; 2. There is no information about the remaining charge of the case; 3. White charging wire with black earphones and case; 4. In general, there are no covers for the case anywhere.

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November 16, 2022
Its pros: Comfortable, stylish, works for a long time, sound Has some cons The maximum volume is quite low
October 28, 2022
I took it because LG fan. The workmanship is top notch: case, ears, assembly, materials. It's still a premium brand. Otherwise, everything is on 3ku.