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Review on 9 Sets BPA-Free Glass Meal Prep Containers With Lids - Airtight Food Storage By Bayco (Purple) by Thomas Unruh

Revainrating 4 out of 5

REVIEW UPDATE! Excellent Customer Service!

I was really excited to get these to use for my weekly food prep items, but I have to say the lids are a total pain! They are very hard to snap onto the container - you have to have it lined up "just right".even still sometimes it's impossible to get all sides snapped without really working on it. Ultimately.I'd have to say, I will not be buying storage containers with these types of lids anymore. I even took the extra precaution to hand-wash the plastic lids and not put them in my dishwasher.but they are still funky. This set was pretty cheap (cost-wise) so I guess you get what you pay for, but buyer beware, the lids are not great. :(REVIEW UPDATE! 12/12/2019I received a very nice email from this vendor after they saw my review and I have to say I was blown away by their EXCELLENT customer service! They genuinely wanted to make it right! They gave me two very generous options.1. They would send me a new set of their newer model of containers at no cost and I can keep the ones I already have.2. They will give me full refund and I can keep the containers I already have.Wow! Great customer service is very important to me and they took the initiative and went the extra mile to make sure that they have a satisfied customer. You really don't see that very often! I am going to go with option one, and give them another try! I will say this, the containers that I bought really are the perfect sizes for food prep and it was a great deal for 9 glass containers - I feel very confident that the replacement set that they send will work out! If not, well, I loved the email from the vendor and appreciate that they reached out to me on their own.

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  • I like them
  • The glass containers are easy to break, making them inconvenient for everyday use