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Review on Bowers &Amp Headphones by Jagvir Singh ᠌

The perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

For the first time on the market, I came across a BT headset from Bowers & Wilkins. The experience of using the headset exceeded my expectations. The only thing I would like to add is that this model will be even more "ideal" when using FOAM ear cushions (there is a fairy tale in general). Also play around with ViPER4Android FX if you plan to use a smartphone headset (although what else might you need it for? :)) The quality of the manufactured materials is on top, from the packaging to the headset itself and its accessories.

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Pros & cons

  • 1. Sound. Very high quality for a $200 BT headset. 2. Noise reduction. I can’t hear the perforator behind the wall at a volume level starting from 30-40%, only vibrations :) 3. Autonomy of work. 4. Comfortable to wear, fit the neck well, nice material, for their external dimensions they feel like fluff. 5. Fast charging, really very fast charging. 6. Support for software ates from the manufacturer (if the application is installed on the Android device). 7. Ability to connect to 2 devices at the same time (if necessary). 8. You can use them as a wired option, for example, connect to a computer via USB Type-C (which is very convenient). 9. Available in 3 colors (space gray; blue (dark blue); gold). The colors are vivid in reality, very nice contrast. 10. Comfortable ear holders for sports, in everyday use, it is more convenient for me to do without them. Well, and so on: Speakers: 2 x ø 9.2 mm, full-range, 2 x balanced armature drivers. Microphone: for GSM (CVC1 - Clear Voice Communication v1) - the sound is clear. Frequency range: 10Hz - 30kHz. Distortion (THD): <0.3% (1 kHz / 10 mW). Battery: lithium polymer. Operating time from a full charge: 8 hours with Bluetooth (2 hours of listening time after 15 minutes of recharging from the charger).
  • According to subjective impressions, at the moment I have not identified any shortcomings. I believe that the headset fully justifies its $200.

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