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Review on Monoprice Zero G Curved Gaming Monitor 35", 3440X1440, 120, ‎138035 by Alan Groupp

**EDIT** Very good monitor at a good price - with some caveats.

********************* UPDATE 2: Monoprice sent me a replacement unit that works great. The text is crisp and the colors are great! Since the first of the two monitors I bought worked perfectly, I usually give this a 5; However, I think it's not unreasonable to deduct 1 star (Custom Service) for a 4 month trial to get a replacement for a failed unit. It took Monoprice a while, but in the end they did the right thing. ************************* UPDATE 1: On the same day that I wrote this review (before it was posted), the seller contacted and informed stock is available now and will process the RMA and send me a replacement. As soon as I receive a replacement I will update this update to provide the most complete review. ======================= I purchased two of these monitors on November 16, 2021 for a very reasonable price of $330 each. For the money I felt it was worth the risk. The monitors arrived on time and everything was fine when first plugged in. For video I use an AMD 5700XT and use the display ports for both. About 7 months after purchase, the image on one of the monitors became "blurry". Neither text nor images on one were as sharp as on the other (identical). I've done extensive troubleshooting. Quoting from an email I sent to the manufacturer: ---------- "Display driver updated to the latest version (from GPU supplier). "Fuzzy" - Monitor cable replaced Cables between monitors swapped "Fuzzy" monitor switched to another DisplayPort output of GPU "Fuzzy" monitor switched to another DisplayPort output of monitor "Fuzzy" monitor switched from DP Switched to HDMI DP outputs of both monitors swapped on the GPU Reduced the resolution of the "fuzzy" Reduced "fuzzy" monitor refresh rate Verified that all OSD settings are the same for both monitors." ----- ------ No matter what I had, one monitor always seemed a bit fuzzy. When they contacted the seller they said very quickly they admitted it was a covered defect but I don't have it in stock. So if I wanted a replacement I would have to wait. I said I could wait for the monitor to come in the meantime won't stop working. It was July 28, 2022. In the next 4 months the picture didn't get any worse, but every now and then the monitor turns off spontaneously. Anyone with multiple monitors knows that this forces Windows to switch all the icons you have on both desktops to one. Every time this happens I have to rearrange my desktops after power cycling the failed monitor. All this time the Monoprice seller gave me 4 "in stock" times when he could send me a replacement. At one point the rep even said that I had to send them the faulty monitor first before they could send me a replacement. I was lucky that I refused, otherwise I would be without a monitor. At the time of the last email, although it hasn't even been a year since the purchase, the company can only offer me "credit" to buy more products (which I also declined). In conclusion, you may be wondering why I still gave the monitor 2 stars instead of 1. That's because the working monitor looks good and doesn't (yet) have the same flaw as the first. Both still work, but the number of times the monitor "turns off by itself" is increasing and I suspect that at some point it just won't turn on anymore. The lesson here is simple: pay more, choose a reliable brand. Learn from me and you won't have to pay the price (literally).

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Pros & cons

  • 36.5x8x19 inches
  • The monitor has a very low resolution.

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