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Review on Seresto Small Dog Flea And Tick Collar - 8 Months Protection For Dogs Up To 18 Pounds (1 Pack) by Chris Hanson

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Worked on 7lb Papillon when Advantix drops did nothing

I have always used K9 Advantix on my dogs, and never had problems until the year I started camping in Northern Wisconsin. Now, let me just say -- the K9 Advantix worked PERFECTLY on my large-breed dogs - never a single flea or tick. Knowing that we were heading into a tick-infested area, I put the Advantix drops on my 80 lb german shepherd and my 7 lb papillon a week before camping.After a walk in the woods, I found one tick clinging to the outside hair of my german shepherd, not attached -- easy to just flick right off before we went in the house. We didn't find any ticks on the papillon until we went home. First found one tick within 24 hours, had to remove it with tweezers but figured, hey, maybe it hadn't attached long enough to get killed by the Advantix.Then found another after 24 hours. And another after 48 hours (by that time it was engorged). Clearly the Advantix was not working on my papillon, though it seemed to be working on my large breed dog. Perhaps the drops, being such a low quantity due to his size, didn't absorb properly. But I wasn't about to joke around with ticks and lyme disease, so I started looking for alternative options.The day before I ordered the Seresto collar, my dog picked up a tick in my own backyard, in the city of Milwaukee, with mowed grass and everything. That was it - I was going to risk my fear of collar side-effects, watch my dog carefully, and get this collar.Fast forward 10 days after wearing the Seresto collar. No side effects (I checked FREQUENTLY for signs of rashes/redness/lethargy/hair loss), and we found a dead tick (not yet engorged) dead in the house.I'm convinced it was the Seresto collar, given that the small dog is the one who already picked up 4 ticks, while the larger dog barely picked up one. The large dog is still using up what's remaining of my K9 Advantix, but I'm likely to switch her to the Seresto collar next year. The convenience of having one collar for the whole non-winter season, the fact that it seems to WORK on my small-breed dog, and the cost per month for the collar vs the drops has sold me.I think the drops work fine for large breed dogs, but can fail due to miniscule dosage amounts on smaller breeds. The collar is safer for my dog when it comes to lyme disease, compared to the risk of side effects (which you should be on the lookout for with both drops and/or collar during the first few days of application -- anyone can have a reaction to medicine if they're allergic). Seresto has sold me on their collar -- now all we have to do is repeat the camping experience and see how long the collar lasts.Happy camping!

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  • Works great and doesn't bother my dogs or cat.
  • The collar's pesticide scent can be overwhelming and unpleasant for some pet owners and dogs alike