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Review on HP S01 AF0011 1600X900 Built Speakers 75Hz, Built-In Speakers by Justin Knox

I no longer recommend this. SEE UPDATES.

For less than two hundred dollars I have to give this one 5 stars. At least for now. Of course, this is based on the fact that it's just an email reader/web browser/perhaps a movie player, powered by the laptop's AC adapter. I don't expect it to do anything that would be considered "playable". Also, I don't think 4GB of storage is enough if you have more than a few browser tabs open. It works very much like a cheap laptop, except that it uses standard desktop RAM (though not very fast) and a standard 3.5 inch hard drive. I've read that it can be expanded to an insane 32GB, but I guess a slow dual-core processor won't. I bought it because it measures about 12 x 10 x 4 inches and fits almost anywhere I can put my monitor. (also AzWarehouse). I figured they would be good small light weight general purpose Linux/or single drive NAS boxes since all they are is a box with a tiny motherboard, tiny low power CPU, DDR4 RAM in the Desktop style and accepts a 3.5 inch hard drive. They really do, and they could be designed to take up even less space. The first of the two I got this time had serious issues: a blue screen right out of install and corrupted system files. The second had a shaky "cooler". " Processor If messing around with computers wasn't my hobby, one or both would return in a heartbeat. As a result, I've changed my rating from 5 stars to 3 stars to reflect my belief that they are prone to problems and other people might not . forgiving or interested in solving problems. UPDATE #2 (latest). Just got my fourth of these and it has been confirmed that the hard drive has failed (SMART data shows it is failing due to a large number of reallocated sectors). A drive from Western Digital and their website say they don't have a search warrant or anything. If you're not technically savvy with computers and aren't willing to solve problems at your own expense, I don't recommend this at all. Initially: 5 stars, then 3 stars, now 1 star. I believe other negative reviews.

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Pros & cons

  • This HP PC is faster and very convenient for daily maintenance
  • I had to return this item.

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